Mini Militia avatar enter into wall and rocks pass through walls

Mini Militia Wall Hack – Fly through Walls [Download]

Mini Militia player flying through walls in outpost map using wall hack apk
Mini Militia player Flying through the walls in outpost map using Wall hack apk.

Be like a ghost with this new Mini Militia fly through walls hack.

Pass through almost everything in the game just as you see in the image above.

You must have seen this hack in-play, online and you came here to download one for yourself.

Well, know it that the developers of the game wouldn’t want you to access Mini Militia wall hack as it becomes tough for other players to defeat you in the game. We figured out this wall glitch both for Android and iOS devices. With this wall hack, you get unlimited Jetpack, so you don’t have to stop flying around in any map.

Wow! that is going to make my friends wonder how I did that. Cool! 😀

10 Features of Wall Hack

Wall hack with Capture the Flag mod
Wall Hack with latest 2018 Capture the Flag mod

A Wallhack is defined as a patch that enables a player to cheat by modifying the properties of walls, as by making them either transparent for their avatar or make them nonsolid.

Based on these characteristics, the following properties have been modified:

  • Version 4.0.36: This release comes out with “Capture the Flag (CTF)” feature in which you have to carry your opponent’s flag to your respawn point to win a match. The Wall Hack has been updated to include CTF mod.
  • Double Guns: Fire without the need to reload any guns you hold.
  • Unlimited Ammo: With every gun in the game, you get to fire unlimited bullets without reloading.
  • Flying Power: 2 folds increase your Jetpack’s flying abilities.
  • Unlimited Bombs: Unlimited grenades and deadly smoke bombs. Bombs can also penetrate through.
  • Fly Through Walls: Your avatar, bullets, grenades, guns can pass through walls.
  • Gravity independent: Even without using jetpack you stay in the space like you do in “Lunarcy” map.
  • Transparent Bush: Get to see who is hiding behind the bushes.
  • The dual bullet shoots: Every trigger of the gun fires two rounds simultaneously.
  • No Lags or Guns are not firing issue: With the latest update, all problems are resolved.
  • Mini Militia Ghost Mod: The wall hack along with invisible mod is known as the Ghost mod, this is because ghosts can penetrate walls just as the avatars can in this mod.
Player with wall hack flies through walls and other player shoots at him
Mini Militia: Doodle Army 2 fly through walls mod

*Note: You can now download and try two editions of this application. The first one offers unlimited ammo which is given on this page and the second version of wallhack offers unlimited health along with all the other features. If you choose to download this hack without unlimited health then to protect yourself, you can hide inside the walls.
*In solo play, the bots can also enter into the wall just as you do. Adds fun 😀

Installation Procedure

How to walk through walls in Mini Militia:

  1. Uninstall the current Mini Militia app from the phone.
  2. Clean the phone storage for junk files to remove cache memory (Not required on every phone).
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  4. Download the mini militia wall hack mod apk from here. Trusted and scanned with antivirus at
  5. Install the apk giving it the permissions required.

Download Mini Militia Walk through walls Hack

Doodle Army 2: Mini Militia Fly Wall Hack Mod Download
Doodle army 2 mini militia game icon
File Name: Mini Militia Fly Through Walls
File Size: 45.8 MB
Developers: Appsomanics
Genre: Action
New Download

Download CTF

The link contains Doodle Army 2 wallhack mod apk. Which gives you unlimited flying power.

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How Wall Hack Works

Mini Militia game had been programmed under the assumption that the avatar’s viewpoint would always be entirely contained within sealed areas, i.e., walls or rocks.

Collision detection in any game refers to the interaction of the player’s avatar(which occupies some rectangular space width and height) with the screen’s dimensions. If either the height or width of the player is greater than the screen’s height and width the avatar is bounced back.

The hack works by changing the limiting value and allowing the player to enter through the walls. The XML files are extracted from the game apk, z-index values are changed, and the apk is patched up again. The player will now not interact with the walls and will pass through it. This is a relatively simple method of implementing in-game physics with walls.

code snippet from wall hack xml file
Code snippet from wall hack XML file

Closing up

Please not to exploit the wallhack and make it difficult for other players to enjoy the game. Another essential thing to note is that the guns you use in this hack will keep on floating once you leave them in the open. When you die, your weapons will flow like they would in zero gravity. In solo play mode, Sarge and other Mecha doodles can also enter into the stones and walls of the maps. You will also find that the incoming bullets from other players are coming into the walls but don’t worry they won’t be able to decrease your health in the game.
Comment below to let us know if you want any changes to the hack that would make it more interesting.

Disclaimer: This guide is only for educational purposes, with no intent to harm any company. does not encourage people to use such Mini Militia wall hacks or any such hacks as its unethical and takes away the fun from the game for other players. Please do not download the game files if you do not have the genuine license of the game.

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    • It’s right under the heading that says “Download Mini Militia Walk through walls Hack”. You get the option to download the old hack as well as the new one with Capture the Flag (CTF) mode.

  1. Hey there, why can’t I download all unlimited pack?
    I already could download wallhack but can’t download all in one pack, please suggest me something. Thank you

  2. Sir,,can you help me???plss…I download this minimilitia but I can’t fire ,there’s no bullet that out on my gun,,,..I’m waiting for your response..

  3. Admin sir
    This is a goog hack . I like it. I have also seen a hack of 100 or more bullets of rocket launcher and blade. 100 bullets in 1 shot. Can you please send link?

    • Hi Rishi
      Put that query in google and you will get the link of this website with the download link. Otherwise, check out the home page and the second post is what you want.

  4. I am connecting to server but the server connection is lost or switching to Google,even if I am playing game I can’t play more than 5sec.i also tried reinstalling it.Can you resolve this?

  5. Yr old versions don’t show new servers like pro players and pro players 2 plz… Hack a newer version with god mode like 3.o.147

  6. Can you tell me what file in the game do I have to change the ‘z values’ from to make my own walk through wall mod.
    As in I want to get into walls to a certain extent rather than walk into walls fully.

  7. Sir plz give me all mods in one game invisible+unlimited armor and unlimited health + and walk through Walls plz sir plz…

  8. I really like it and I try all version of mini militia from your site all games are very good.👍👍👍👌👌👌👌

  9. Hi . Do you have any car racing hotspot game like minimilitia . Play with local frnds . If yes then plz share with me thank you

    • Anirudh, there is a download link in the “Invisible hack” post on this site, go through the post and you will get it. Otherwise just google it and you will find our website’s link to the post.
      Enjoy 🙂

  10. Hi bro I am Santosh I have the mini militia pro pack mod in which it have unlimited nitro and refills but when I download this mod it says that first uninstall the another mod of mini militia and I uninstall it to also but when I start downloading the game it is not growing than 0.00 kb so pls give me solution more faster bcoz now I have also not that mod so pls help me

  11. Hey admin its gun is not workin sounds like it is empty fix this problem man.. ..plz.. And tell me why it is not working in my phone it is workin on my frnds mobile

  12. This game is really safe and min because my Google drive says that it can’t scan it for viruses pls reply 😭😭😃

  13. When I touch the green button, it is showing that u don’t have an internet connection. But I am having a good connection.

  14. I’m having internet connection, I made a G drive account and then also it is not downloading it is saying that there is no internet connection.

  15. Admin bro i am unable to get the commander in chief hack.When i download fly through walls hack and the commander in chief hack,the game starts till the chatting part and when its about to start,the game closes and the device says that mini militia isnt responding.
    Please help me

  16. Admin it is working it’s cool and awesome thanks can you please give a link to download hack of unlimited health and everything.

    • We have registered no such problem Navaneeth. I suggest you check out the other article on “Solution to Mini Militia not working, errors, lags (Crash fix)” and see if it helps. Do reply if the problem persists.

  17. Hey admin plz reply why I am not able to use guns they seems that the bullets are over but their are bullets plz help me admin I am able to go through walls but no guns working I am able to use the bombs…plz reply admin

    • Root access = administrative access.
      Android OS by default is not rooted, what that means is you don’t have the privileges to change some of the settings. This is done in order to avoid accidental mishaps including security breaches. By rooting you get access to all Android operating system’s file that you can tweak.
      but rooting has it’s own advantages too, like you get to overclock your CPU, change the Android version with some custom ROM.
      Hope that helps.

    • Richard, the download link is in the middle of the post, under the heading “Download Mini Militia Walk through walls Hack” as a Green Button.


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