Mini Militia unlimited health hack and god mod

Mini Militia Unlimited Health Hack – God Mod (Latest Version)

MiniMilitia Hacking | MiniMilitia APK

A player with unlimited health being attacked by other players.
Unlimited Health Hack is helping a new player fight against bots.

Immortal, Deathless, and Indestructible.

That’s what you become with access to Mini Militia unlimited health hack.

Sounds terrific! But you will have to inject a power patch (immortality potion) into your device, which will make you the God of this game.

And you will be called Deadpool of Mini Militia.

Download All in One Mod

A perfect hack for Android and iOS to make sure you win every game. Let the opponents freak out. Stand right in front and crush them with the melee attack using the Unlimited Health hack. This hack is sometimes referred to as God Mod because it turns an average player into the almighty with unlimited powers.

When we say unlimited powers, we mean genuinely unlimited powers. You become invisible and have your friends [enemies 😉] go haywire.
Let’s check this hack out!

Read all the instructions carefully so that you don’t end up hanging or breaking the God mod apk file. You can comment below for any query we will help you as soon as possible.

Mini Militia Unlimited Health Hack Guide

Download Unlimited Health Hack from here
The power of limitless health is what makes you the God of the game.No matter what gun, grenade or even a bazooka your rivalry uses, you won’t die. You can stand and face each bullet fired upon you like some superhuman.

Technically you become immortal and as powerful as a South Indian Movie Hero.
inforgraphic showing health hack features
Pro Pack added, one-shot kill, dual wield, and ammo added health Pack

Even if you use the invisible hack technique, you might end up dying of a bullet fired in your direction, but this health hack, you won’t lose any point.

So why would one need such a hack anyway? Won’t it ruin the gameplay?

mini militia meme, hacks helping noob fight against pro players

Well, for a new player, it is tough to face players that have over months of experience. Forget about winning a new player has even to struggle to maintain his kill to death ratio. So this Unlimited health hack technically helps a new player in getting better at the game. With the 2020 version, this hack gives new players a choice of switching back to the normal apk even during an online match.

12 Features of Health Hack

Mini Militia is frequently updated by its developers(Appsomniacs) to include all the latest and greatest features. Because of the regular updating Mini Militia has always topped the charts on most downloaded apps on Play Store.

Recently the developers included Capture the Flag mode in the game which is much appreciated in the player’s community. The CTF feature also comes with Unlimited Health hack. Some of the features that are updated are as follows:

  • God Mod apk – To properly leverage the power of this hack enable this feature from the settings panel.
  • MediKit – A medical kit helps you regain strength whenever wounded by other players.
  • Energy Boosters – Increases Jetpack speed and make the player move quickly around the map.
  • Unlimited life – As you become the lord of the game, no one can take away your avatars life as we’ve mentioned before you become completely invisible.
  • Pro Pack – All features that are available with a regular Doodle Army 2 game app are possible with this hacked apk version.
  • Battle Points – Get enough battle points to purchase most of the store items.
  • New Avatars – cool avatars and their customization features are available.
  • Self Destructing Explosives – Advanced weapons that destruct a large area in any map.
  • Auto Reload – Guns Reload without any manual intervention.
  • Unlimited Jetpack – Never get your feet on the ground and keep flying.
  • Instant Kill Pack – Guns shoot at twice the speed with more significant damage.
  • One-shot – With four bullets, it’s almost like killing the other player in a single round.

Some features are not working as reported by users. We are always working on improving the features. We will roll out a new version of God Mod by the name Ultra God Mod which will have more unique health regen features.

mini militia unlimited health hack features
All the features you get with limitless health

Let’s get our hands on this game app.

Installation Guide

Unlock your smartphone and get ready to follow this guide to install the best health hack.

  1. Remove the current version of the app from your phone.
  2. Clear the junk files and cache memory. This step may be required if you encounter glitches during gameplay.
  3. Download the file from the link given below. Trusted and scanned with antivirus at
  4. Install the apk file.
  5. Now, turn off internet connection before opening the app and once you get to options screen, turn it back on. (This step may not be required on every phone)
  6. The app might ask you for an upgrade, ignore it by clicking on the “LATER” button.
app update popup in health hack
Please update to the latest version of the app to continue playing online. Tap on later.

After completing the above mentioned, you will be able to run a health hack without any issues.


How Unlimited Health Hack works

One question that is frequently asked about unlimited health hack is – how this hack works?

So to answer this, you need to know about a file called which is the core of Mini Militia. All the book keeping stuff is maintained in this file, which includes, the number of times a bullet hit the player and decreases the Health meter accordingly. Other things managed by the file are the number of rounds fired, bombs thrown, and time duration for which the jetpack was working.

What we are concerned with is the Health tracking system used in the libcocos2dcpp file and how to hack it to get unlimited health. By reverse-engineering this file, we extract the function that is responsible for tracking the health in the game. Once we get the function, we repurpose it by setting the decrement on a hit by the bullet to zero. So, this way the health is never reduced and we get unlimited health hack for Mini Militia.

Download Health Hack

Doodle Army 2: Mini Militia Unlimited Life Mod Download
Mini Militia hack logo
File Name: Mini Militia Health Hack
File Size: 49.6 MB
Developers: Appsomanics LLC
Version: v4.2.8

Latest release 4.1.1 with CTF feature for this hack is being updated. Keep Visiting to download the latest 2019 version.
Also Download: Fly through wall hack

One quick tip, do not pick other guns as the server detects the app as a hacked version and stops it from using different weapons. Always try to keep the weapon that you get when you respawn.

Unlimited Ammo with Health Hack

As we talked about at the beginning of this post, this hack is only for players new to the game and not for pro players. One of the problems that new players face in the initial days is that they are not acquainted with the controls of the game. On top of that, players are unable to aim the weapons with precision, which causes the ammunition to run out quickly.

Keeping the ammo problem in mind, we created another hack that includes unlimited health as well as infinite ammo. With the help of this combination, players can work out on their skills better than before. The download links for this hack combination will be available for download in a few days.

How to Defeat Players with God Mod

Know this thing – No matter what type of Mod your opponent is using you can still beat them in one or the other way.

defeat hackers in mini militia
Guide to Defeat cheaters and hackers in Mini Militia

One way you can do this is by somehow drag them and make them fall in the space. You must have noticed that once you fall in the empty space after reaching a certain distance, you die. This only happens when the hacker does not have unlimited Jetpack. For this, you need to make them follow you down the cliffs.  Once they are their shoot them carefully, the thrust of bullets will make them fall deep into the void space. This could be done to someone with one shot dead mod or anything like this hack.

The other way is a God mod killer hack known by the name Death Sprayer Mod which we have published on the site. This hack has unlimited ammo that is cable of killing players with unlimited health. Additionally, you get the inexhaustible Jetpack apk and god mod destroyer patch with the file.

Quick Tips for Mini Militia God Mod

If you are using a hack like Mini Militia unlimited health and playing online under “Quickplay” option, then there are high chances that other players are using the same hack in that server.

So that is how you can defeat them and win Doodle Army 2 games.

A quick recap.

  • God-modding is the ability to do practically anything without limits that are usually unwanted.
  • Unlimited Life is not being able to defeat someone in the game.

Comment below to let us know if you wish to get some changes to a mod or facing any problem. Stay tuned to get the all the latest hacks that we mentioned above like god mod killer.

happy woman playing mini militia online

Enjoy Playing!

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  1. hi admin – i downloaded it and that was very satisfying but why sometimes cameout ? because of being lot of shots or changing guns??

  2. Hy… I need unlimited health, ammo,nitro,dual guns and one shot kill apk for mini militia. so can you send me link for this application… plizzz sir.

  3. hey bro after I download and start instaling it says can’t Parce. You said to delete game,cache and junk I deleted them, bro, please help me how to download

  4. Hi, this is a very nice hack great job, cant wait for future updates! I have to inform u of one major problem though, ik the unlimited ammo mod hasn’t been patched in but whenever I pick up a gun that either dropped by an enemy or spawned in, it has only 3 rounds in it regardless of what gun. This frustrates me, as I run out of ammo and am rendered almost useless as I basically have no weapons to fire, so I am resulted to melee or grenades, also pls fix the crashing/freezing that would be amazing! Thanks.

    • Hello,
      We are working on releasing better versions of the apk. It will be updated in a week. Talking about the app crash, we have noticed the issue only on few devices. Your suggestions will be taken into consideration, and we will do the needful.

  5. I can’t download the god mod what can ido for download because when i start downloading its paused automatically and failed downloading

  6. Hey admin I want to upgrade my level. can u please help me to become commander in chief or something like more than it. please help me bro 🙂

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  8. Admin bro I do not want any hack just want to become Commander in Chief.
    So please tell me how can I become Commander in Chief without any sacrifice.
    Thank you.

    • The file has been hosted on Google Drive and when downloaded from a browser it won’t show percentage and yes it is downloading without showing the progress.
      Download the apk from Google Drive app to check the percentage as it downloads.

    • Best hack for all? hmm…
      Well, that depends from player to player. I personally prefer one that is enough for me to win a game but also gives opponents a chance to strike back. You just won’t enjoy a one-sided game. So, a hack without unlimited health, ammo and instant reload is a good choice.
      You can try unlimited everything hack if you are confused.

    • Hi Afzal,
      Yes, it is downloading in the background. Actually, download links from Google Drive won’t show percentage when downloading via a web browser you can wait a while for it to finish. If you want to see the download progress bar, please download it from Google Drive app.

      If you still find it hard to download Unlimited health hack then comment down here, and we will arrange some other way of downloading for you.

  9. I was searching for Unlimited Health for so long. This mod that you have provided has all the features like Instant health replenishment, turbo boost jetpack, high energy levels, avatar speed. But pro pack features are not that great. Update it to CTF v4.0.36

  10. Hi I am approching you the second time bro I am waiting for your reply to play a payback game to the hackers pls I had downloaded the file twice but can’t get it , can you please send it me through my email pls bro pls help

    • You can find the file in the “Downloads” folder of your device’s internal storage.(If you downloaded it from Chrome)
      Otherwise, search for the filename inside the File Manager.
      Hope that helps.

  11. Hi admin
    Thanking You and your company for this awesome game V all love this game.
    Actually, I want to your help.
    I have seen an app that can help to hack all the things in militia on toogle but I can’t reach on that app
    So can U Plz send me the link of it
    Thank U

    • Just tap on the Download button under the heading “download unlimited health hack”, you can find the same in the middle of the post.

  12. Unlimited health mod is good but there is limited ammo and if we take someone’s gun then his gun contains only one bullet…. What it is????
    Then there is no fun!

  13. Hey dude ur app is awesome. But i have some problem why others guns don’t have any ammo while playing in internet plzz fix it.

  14. Most of the time when u use the smallest gun when u start kills at on shot but after I download everything unlimited mode that gun don’t kill at one shot why is that?

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  18. Admin,
    Really thanks for making these apk soon everyone will be top in it . your is the best.

  19. Admin,
    you are the best. Please add new guns in Mini Militia.When you will make that apk please sent it to my email.

  20. game gets hang every time i have installed it by ur instractions i have unistalled it and install it 3-4 times but the problem is same
    file i have:Mini Militia Health Hack

    • Please check out after some time as your internet connection might be slow. If the problem persists, do let us know.

  21. This is v good mod but glitches are these
    – if we pick a weapon it only has 3 ammo
    – we don’t have unlimited ammo

    I hope you will correct these glitches
    And THANKYOU for this best mod apk

  22. Hey Admin….I tried to download unlimited health god mod apk but its taking a long time to download and it is not showing the percentage it has downloaded. Pls help me.

    • Downloads from google drive tend not to show the download progress. You can try downloading it through your google drive app when it asks to choose an application or you can try downloading it sometimes later when you are getting good internet speed.

  23. I cannot understand which version app support in all the mini militia hacks and cheats.It will be helpful if someone would tell me the main version.

  24. i have a god mod app of mini militia. but i encounter some problem it is that when i activate dual wield i cant kill other opponents also encounter while changing through weapons. and also i cant get the new types of granedes in the game. please help me to solve this problem. and also i downloaded that god mod at metro tricks

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  27. Hi, admin. I really loved this mod. But this mod needs some improvement like what I said…

    #Unlimited health, Booms, Gas, Ammo, Nitro
    #Add suicide option (i can kill myself using boom or gas)
    # Anyone can kill me using boom or gas

    Although anyone can see that we use mod version. For that please improve bellow things
    # Remove rank or make it fixed under 30. Because when we killed someone we get 99 rank that’s why people can catch us
    # ANDROID ICON on rank (this version is ok with this icon but need rank improvement)

    Dear, I really appreciate ur work. Its request to u to improve like what I say. Then people will never be able to catch us 😉

    Love u :*

  28. Bullet end and you pickup another gun then it shows only 3 bullet in my lyf ,samsung and micromax phone solve it plz……

  29. If I take new gun from ground it has no ammo in God hack plz help me u r the best hacker plz help me with this also it gets hanged while playing and I have to force stop plz help me.

  30. This Unlimited health apk does not install on my iPhone 7. When I tap on the file icon the system generates some error.
    I think that Mini Militia Unlimited Health is not available for iOS. I have to jailbreak this phone.

    • The download link is in the post, somewhere in the middle with the name “Download” on it. Please find it under “Download Unlimited Health God Mod” heading.

  31. I’ve been trying to download mini militia hacks for a long time,but as all of us know that there are many fake websites on internet…… So one day I was searching the same thing and found this great guy and now I’m enjoying mini militia hacks…. Thankyou very much.😃😃😃

  32. I don’t get any ammo in some of the newly picked guns in unlimited health hack. Still, I am thankful for you giving such a hack or modded version of Doodle Army 2 a.k.a Mini Militia.

  33. I like it, the game is mod pass through wall, unlimited health & unlimited bombs. I like it the game by everybody and also thanks

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    • Hi Hitesh, is a file inside Mini Militia’s apk. You can extract it through “Apk editor” the link has been provided in the “Invisible hack” post.

  35. If I take new gun from ground it has no ammo in God hack plz help me u r the best hacker plz help me with this also it gets hanged while playing and I have to force stop plz help me.

    • Hey Noobie,
      Thanks for reporting the issue. This problem occurs on some of the smartphones. We will soon roll out the next version of Unlimited health hack that won’t have any such issues. As of the hanging, I suggest you to check out our new article on Solutions for Mini Militia issues.
      Do subscribe and enjoy the game 🙂

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