Mini Militia Undetectable Hack – Nobody can tell if its a Cheat!

“Boot him out.”
“He is a cheater.”
“Don’t let him play with us. He is using Mini Militia Hack!”

How many times were you thrown out of an online game just because you were spotted using a hack?
Enough, I guess.

The only point of using a Mini Militia hack version is to enjoy those extra perks for a while and see how it feels to have powers that no one else does.

Also if you are new to the game it’s hard to beat out players with Pro Packs and HOURS of experience. This makes Noobs to have no option but to adopt hacks and mods. Otherwise, the game is no fun for them.

hacks help noob player from Pro plyers

But all the hacks that you find on the internet are detectable, meaning one can easily see that you have extra powers. Like your jetpack is not running out of nitro or your ammo is not finishing up.

So, yes!

Their needs to be a fine line between a fully featured hack and one that lifts the power enough to compete but not much to make it hard for others to even play.

That’s what we thought based on players that suggested us to come out with an undetectable Mini Militia Mod. This mod has the advantage that no one knows that it is a hack. when no one will know about it you will always be under the radar. 😉

Note: You will still be connected to MOD.QP server where you will face other hackers. This Mod works best in offline mode. Update the original app to get Capture the flag mod.

About Mini Militia Undetectable Hack

Most often than not, Mini Militia hacks that actually change the way a game works, are detectable. So if a hack unlocks guns and grenades, lets you become invisible, walk through walls, gives health or battle points or edits any other aspect of how the game works, it is probably easily detectable. Now detectable does not mean detected, keep that in mind.

That’s where this Undetectable hack strikes, giving you powers that go unnoticed. Adding an extra bit of fun to the regular game.

Mini Militia undetectable hack on android phone

But is it justified to use such hacks?

The most important thing is to know the developers and their stakes in the matter: Are hacking or unlocking activities causing any financial loose to the developers?

If yes, then you shouldn’t use such hack as it takes time and hard work to create an awesome game like Mini Militia. If cheats are not causing any loose to the developers be it financial or any other than it’s totally fine.

And now that the developers have created separate servers where players with modded games are kept separate from other players it shouldn’t be a problem.

That’s not it…

What we have noticed over the last few years in the gaming industry is that people tend to lose interest on games over time. The lack of interest makes them switch to a different game.

Letting these group of people try the same game with some extra features keeps a hold of there interest. Which is, in fact, a good thing. Once they are done enjoying hacks they will switch back to the normal game.

Look at this Quora answer by Vasileios.

quora answer on use of hacks and cheats

Also this one from Aman Grover an IITian

quora answer justifying the use of cheats in video games

This clearly explains the need of cheats in a game.

Features of Undetectable Mod 

The most prominent feature of this hack is that your health decreases slowly when the other player shoots at you. Although slow health decline helps you against guns like uzi, Desert Eagle, Magnum etc. but a single fire from a Rocket launcher or sniper can decrease your health to nill.

The Undetectable mod Unlocks these Mini Militia Features of the game:

  • Quick Reload: Makes your weapons take less time than usual to reload ammunition in your weapons.
  • 2x health Refill: Your in-game avatar’s health increases quickly than the rest of the players in the game or in other words their guns ability to decrease your health is reduced.
  • 2x Nitro Refill: Fills up your JetPack instantly to fly way further than usual.
  • 7x Zoom: Every weapon gets 7 times zooming capability which makes them just like a sniper rifle.
  • High Damage bullets: Reduces opponents health faster.
  • Infinite Bullet Range: Your bullets can travel across the whole map.
  • Infinite Proxy Mine throw: Normally Proxy Mines travel a short distance before they explode if they do not attach to some object. Infinite Proxy Mines will not explode until they get attached to some object on the map.
  • Enemy name and health bar always visible: You don’t have to fire at the opponent to check his health bar as with this feature it will always be visible.

All these features are barely detectable.

Installation Guide

This part gives you instructions on how to install the Undetectable Hack on your device.

Please use the following instruction when installing the apk.

Make sure you have enough internal storage (it is highly recommended that you install the app in the internal storage and not external as it may slow down the application).

  1. Remove the existing Mini Militia application.
  2. Clear Junk files from the storage and RAM.
  3. Download the mod from the downloads section.
  4. Go to the folder where the apk file is downloaded.
  5. Tap on it to begin the installation wizard.
  6. Give the required permissions and the app should install without any issue.

Download Mini Militia Undetectable Mod

The apk package includes 8 enhancements along with the regular features of games. The additional features have been obscured in a way that other players can hardly notice any change to the game. Using the hack features excessively may trigger suspicion in opponents so use them carefully.

Doodle Army 2: Mini Militia Undetectable Mod 
doodle army 2 health hack
File Name: Undetectable_Mod.apk
File Size: 46.13 MB
Developers: Appsomanics LLC
Mini Militia Undetectable Hack – Nobody can tell if its a Cheat!
4.2 (84.4%) 50 votes

Download(Online Play)
Download 2(Offline Play)

The download progress bar won’t be visible while downloading the apk file as it is hosted on google drive.
Please be patient while the download progresses.


boys playing Mini Militia game with Undetectable hack

If you ever played Mini Militia and applied cheat codes to it you must have noticed that those cheats power up your avatar such that other players get to know that you are using a hack.

The Undetectable hack sets itself apart from the rest of the hacks by submerging the extra powers and letting noobies stand a chance against Pro Players. The hack was created by modifying the main source files to include chucks of codes taken from code editing sites.

Support: This Hack is still under development and may contain a few glitches. We request you to report any if found. We will work on the hack to include more features.

What are your views on using hacks and cheats? Do let us know after reading this post by commenting below.

Stay safe, stay under the radar and enjoy the game.


  1. Hi. Please, unread last messages and make an apk with 4x jetpack and health, reload fastly, 7x zoom, 2x bullets in one shot with all weapons and pro pack with all store items. Can I have 2 weapons in online version 4.0.36? Thanks and have a nice day

    • Hey Aman, we are facing some issues with the mod. The QUICK PLAY mode of hack is not working as it should.
      In offline multiplayer, the mod is working fine and we can send it to you if you want.
      It would take around a few days before we sort the things.

    • Why don’t you try God Mod or Unlimited health first?
      If you want some changes in that we will do it and email you the apk file.

  2. Will you make a undetectable apk with pro pack unlocked and all items purchased… it would be the perfect undetectable hack ever😎

    • Archit your device’s processor and RAM is not always used to fullest by apps that you are running. Also while your device’s screen is turned off, the processor and RAM do nothing much. Mini Militia developers introduced a feature in the game through which you let them use your device’s resources(RAM and Processor) when you are doing nothing on it and as a reward, they will give you pro pack features for free.

    • If you want to play offline LAN matches download the other version present just down below the button from where you downloaded the app you currently have.

  3. Hahahaha My friends couldn’t find that I was using a mod.
    I had to intentionally die a few times to let them know that I don’t have a mod.

  4. please make my android device visible as android and not ios…People suspect of it shows ios instead of android as my friends know i use Android not ios


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