Mini Militia Undetectable Hack – Nobody can tell if its a Cheat!

mini militia

“Boot him out.” “He is a cheater.” “Don’t let him play with us. He is using Mini Militia Hack!” How many times were you thrown out of an online game just because you were spotted using a hack? Enough, I guess. The only point of using a hack version is to enjoy those extra perks … Read moreMini Militia Undetectable Hack – Nobody can tell if its a Cheat!

Mini Militia Double Gun Mod

Double gun any weapon with unlimited ammo

What if you could hold any two weapons like dual missile launchers or a sniper rifle with AK47 at once? Man! that would be so cool, holding a combination of any weapon in Mini Militia. Use of double guns at once is known by the term Dual Wield in Military. Dual Wielding is holding two … Read moreMini Militia Double Gun Mod

Mini Militia No Name [Blank Name] Trick

Mini Militia no name blank name trick

In our earlier tutorial on Invisible hack, we learned about how to make the avatar invisible by tweaking the Android APK files. We saw that by removing the avatar parts from a file named MenuTexture.png we were able to have no existence of the avatar in the game. But we couldn’t get the doodle’s avatar name … Read moreMini Militia No Name [Blank Name] Trick