Mini Militia errors and solutions

Fix Most Common Mini Militia Problems – In 5 Minute [Solved]

Mini Militia problems
Problems that occur with Mini Militia on Android platform.

Got a problem with Mini Militia on your device?

The game crashes and lags too often?

Looking for a solution?

Hell freezes and the sky falls for me when I am not able to play it on my device and others can.

Thankfully, you can fix 90% of the failures related to Mini Militia with few simple steps. I thought of writing this article when I had suffered from one such problem. I dug around in my application, did some internet research and finally problem solved!

Let’s pull out the screwdrivers and tighten some bolts before you go crazy with no access of this game.

Mini Militia error solution
Solution to error’s in Mini Militia gameplay

List of Problems we will Fix

Well, these are the problems you will encounter more often than not in the Doodle Army 2 game.

  • Mini Militia is not working on my device.
  • Online Multiplayer lag fix
  • Players are hanging in online play.
  • Mini Militia crashing and not responding.
  • Mini Militia hackers problem
  • Can’t find other players in offline multiplayer
  • Server problem
  • Connection lost
  • Server list in the Custom match does not match.
  • Quick Play not working
  • Unfortunately, Mini Militia has stopped working
  • Login problem
  • Game terminates during play

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Mini Militia player lagging
One of the errors in which players hang in the air causing lags and such issues.

These will be the major flaws we will go after and find out how to fix them together.

Step first is to remain calm. I know you are desperately waiting for it to starts working. Perform each of the techniques mentioned below to solve the issues.

Problem with the PATANJALI Advertisement

Here is what users are reporting about this issue.

I always watch ads in Mini Militia to get pro pack. All the ads go smoothly except the one from Patanjali. Whenever I watch an ad, if Patanjali’s ad is coming, it hangs up on the very first frame of the video. There is no problem with any other ad like this. My friends too experience this problem. Please fix this. It will be nice if you guys remove these types of ads. It is not my network problem, every friend of mine experience this same problem even they have a high-speed network. So please help.

Nothing on a user end can be done to resolve this issue. Miniclip developers will soon release a patch with a new version update of the game.

Server list in Custom List Do no match

Some of the Mini Militia players are facing problems with the server list. The server list in the Custom mode does not match with that of the other player’s list. This mismatch occurs due to the difference in the version number of Mini Militia on both the devices. If you are facing such a problem than you and your friends need to update the application or both of you need to download the same version of Mini Militia. Once both of the devices run on the same build you will find that the server list is exactly the same as of the other players.

With the current version the server list has the following entries:

  • Clan Matches
  • Battlezone India and India 2
  • Team Matches
  • Free For All
  • New Players
  • Battlezone US
  • Battlezone England etc.

Clear the Cache and Data

Issue: General method for all issues mentioned above.

Cache is the data that your phone requests on a frequent basis from the app so that it can effectively manage bare essential functions. Sometimes due to changes created by the Android OS these cache files may get corrupted. Applications not responding to user input is another ill effect of corrupted cache. Remove these files and let the applications create a fresh copy. You can try SD Maid Pro APK for clearing cache and other accumulated junk. You can also do the same without any application by following the below-mentioned steps.

  • Settings
  • Apps
  • Locate the “All” tab
  • Wait for the list to populate and find “Mini Militia” in the list.
  • Tap on “Clear Cache”
Mini Militia problem clear cache
Move content in internal memory for better performance.

If clearing the cache doesn’t help, try clearing the data as well by tapping on “Clear Data”.

But remember clearing data will remove all your game settings like your purchased store items list, your custom avatar, and temporarily you rank and EXP. The becomes exactly as when you downloaded it.

If clearing cache and data don’t help, it’s time to move on to the next fix.

Move to Internal Memory

Issue: Slow and lagging performance.

solution to lagsThe reason why most of the apps prefer internal memory for installation is speed. Generally, SD cards are slower than internal memory thus the CPU has to wait longer to fetch and process data from internal memory. If you have moved the application to SD card, clear some space in internal memory and move it back in.

To do so follow the steps as mentioned in the above method and in place of clearing the cache, choose “Move to internal.”

Reinstall Mini Militia or Update the App

Issue: Crashing and unfortunately stopped working.
app stopped working
App terminated during gameplay.

Sometimes during the download and installation process, some files may get disrupted. The best solution for such matters is to reinstall the application. Otherwise, there may be an update that did not install, that had major issues resolved. Installing an application from 3rd party website may be a cause of the disruption. Install Mini Militia from play store or sites like and

Compatibility problem

Issue: Mini Militia is not installing and crashing.
mini militia compatibility issues
error “Your device isn’t compatible with this version”

Doodle Army 2: Mini Militia requires Android 3.0 Honeycomb or above to work flawlessly. Any device running on lower version then this won’t be able to support the game. All the permissions need to granted while installing it. This problem occurs even more frequently when one device has the Mega Mod with unlimited ammo

and another one without it. So make sure you use same mod version on each Android Phone.

Online Offline Multiplayer lags

Issue: The game hangs too often when playing in Multiplayer Mode.

lagging players

You must have observed that sometimes during gameplay players bypass you in a flash. Sometimes they hover in mid-air and won’t die on shooting, and after a few seconds, both you die. That’s a frustrating moment.

The reason behind this glitch is slow internet connection on your device. Mini Militia requires a constant data rate of ~20 Kbps. When you shoot at your opponent who has a slow connection, he may not report it in his application and before downloading the details of him dying he shoots you. The result of which is both of you lose points.

The solution of this issue is to shot the hanged player enough that he will die after getting the connection and move to other location away from the spot instantly.

Offline Multiplayer lags are caused due to the incapability of the hosting smartphone to handle and manage multiple devices. The solution is to ask a person with a better device than the rest of you to create connection and host. Even though you can connect 12 players but something more than 6-8 will cause lags.

Reset App Preferences

Issues: Connection lost, Login problems and players not found.

reset app preferences

Resetting the app preferences with set default settings for all disabled apps, disable app notifications, background data restrictions for apps and any permission restrictions. You will not lose any app data through this method.

How to reset:

  • Go to settings
  • Scroll down to Installed apps
  • Tap on “More”
  • Tap on “Rest app preferences”
  • Go ahead and click “Rest apps”

Final Resorts

1. Factory Data Reset

Doing a Factory reset will make your smartphone get to the initial conditions and setting when you first bought it. Backup & reset will improve your device’s performance for playing Mini Militia.

Important: Performing Factory Data Reset will wipe out your entire data excluding apps, photos, and music. We suggest you back up your device first.

To perform a factory reset, follow these steps:

  1. Back up your device if you want.
  2. Tap on settings “gear” button.
  3. Reach out to “Personal” and tap on “Backup & reset.”
  4. Read instructions, cross your fingers and tap on “Reset Phone.”
  5.  Allow the device to restart and enjoy lag-free Mini Militia.

2. Developers Options tweaking

Developers options let you sneak inside some of the hidden features of Android OS. We will exploit this feature and see if we could get Mini Militia working again.


To enable Developers Options head over to the “About Phone” section in the settings. Next scroll down to “Version” and keep tapping until developers options are enabled.

Now go back and open the Developers option and turn off “Don’t keep activities” is it was enabled already.

3. Server Problems

server list failed
Failed to load online server list.

Sometimes in the quick play and customs section of the game, you keep on seeing “Trying server…”. This happens when you are on a slow speed connection. If you don’t think the connection is the problem and then you might try tweaking the APN settings of your phone. Sometimes the developers may be maintaining the servers for next major update in that case you will not be able to connect to other online Mini Militia players.

4. Game Hacks not working and Hackers Problem

The developers of the game are readily trying to short out hacked versions of Mini Militia. In that case, some of the hacks may not work for you. The solution is to download the latest versions from If you are searching about how to defeat and remove hackers with unlimited health, then you need to read this article.


Finally, you can also try these methods:

  • Turn off power saver as it reduces device performance.
  • For smooth operations always start the application after clearing the RAM junk.
improve performance
Improve performance of the game through play store and app store.

Problems related to servers are harder to fix from device end than that related to login and pro pack buying problems.

If the problem needs immediate attention, we will contact Appsomanics regarding the same.

We won’t be able to cover solutions to every Mini Militia app problems here. So you can comment down, we will monitor and make sure we check it out and solve it for you here at Mini Militia help centre.

126 thoughts on “Fix Most Common Mini Militia Problems – In 5 Minute [Solved]”

  1. Sir.
    While playing minimilitia online just at begining after 1 minute and all its showing game over thz hapens also while playing offline with friends .i tried updated versions but not solved..please help me

  2. When i want to join offline game when my friends host the game my phone gets hang and facing difficulty to reach to LAN wifi and not connect.
    It shows connection problem or phone will get hanged…

    • Hey Bhupendra,
      Try doing this:
      1) Open the application without connecting to your friend’s Wifi.
      2) Reach to the screen where you need to click on JOIN.
      3) Now connect to your the Wifi and click on JOIN.
      Hope it helps.

  3. When i start quick play, my phone freezes or in custom during joining the lobby it got freeze . Please help, previous version was good.

  4. Sir, I have updated my app to 4.42. and I was able to play the game. But from last two days
    I couldn’t able to play, and when I am clicking on quick play it is showing options such as search, invite, and exit option and it stops working
    Kindly solve this please.
    thank you

    • Hey Akshay,
      The QP.Server is currently facing technical issues. Services will resume shortly.
      Till then you can play hacked versions as QP.MOD server is operational 😉

  5. I am. unable to create a custom room for my friends to play. When i make a room the maps do not open and neither of my friends are able to see the created room. we have tried different custom servers and tried creating room from another phone but still problem persists. plz help

    • Hello Hemant,
      Due to a sudden surge in the number of players Mini Militia servers are currently not operational.
      The issue is being fixed and the services will resume shortly.

  6. How to down a server by connection lost of all the rooms on online custom rooms. I want the trick to down the server of Alfa. I am modded player…!!!!!

  7. I connect with wifi with friend and friend also host the game but when i go to lan wifi there is only seen searching,not found my friend name . help??

    • Make sure you both have the same version of Mini Militia. Update the app from Play Store to the latest version 4.0.36.

  8. I cannot join any offline multiplayer matches. Whenever i connect to the friends’ server game starts to hang automatically. We usually play on my hotspot but now due to some unknown reason or maybe because of the new update game has started lagging. My devixce is vivo v5. Hope u have a solution for it

    • Might be an issue with authentication your account with Google Play service. Try logging out of Google play then uninstall Mini Militia and reinstall. Once installed login back into google play services.

  9. Sir my internet connetion is airtel 3g..whenever i download something the average speed is 200+ kbps but when i play mini militia i lag a lot why this happens plsss help…

  10. hi , im using oppo a57 and ihave 4mbps bsnl bradband connection but the minimilitia game only receives 5kbto 6 kb wat is the solution to hava 1 mbps speed and above

    • That’s perfectly normal. Mini Militia takes around 5KB data per second. The speed that you are looking at is the data that is being consumed per second by the application. I hope you got the point.

  11. My game is getting connected to QP-mod server every now and then I try to play quick play mode.. Please do fix my problem.. My updated version is 4.0.36

    • Remove the app cache and data then try to connect again. If that doesn’t help reinstall the application.
      Please reply in case you need further assistance.

  12. Sir, I Have a Asus Fonpad(k004) Wich Is Android Jellybean(4.1.2) But When I Enter Mini Militia, The Letters Are White But The Blue Backgrounds are Black. When I Go To Multiplayer>Deathmatch>Lan-Wifi> host/join Doesn’t Work. Can You Fix It?

  13. Sir, i have a serious problem.. Cant play the game right now… I have good internet, when ever i open app it shows a similar message like, services unreachable. Login failed (connection timed out after 20001 milliseconds). I tried every way. Updated app(i am a beta tester) rebooted phone. Nothing seems to work.. When i use vpn i can play…. The moment i disconnect vpn it shows the same message. What to do???? Please help me…

    I tried from another device under same wifi. Not working on that either!!!

  14. Please sir, whenever i try to login it just says “error code 401″….what does this mean?? I can’t login…….it’s so frustrating

  15. the mini militia 2 not comes bullets on lava x19 but first version also support not support on minimilita 2
    so please help me

  16. Sir my phone is Samsung On7 SM-G600FY. When i play mini militia in my phone at start it works fine but whenever I fly upside, the game’s control doesn’t work. Sometimes It doesn’t even fly. Control fails. Sir please help me.

  17. Sir.. I have often seen that few rooms in custom have the capacity of 10 to 12 players, so tell me how is that possible… Bcoz, generally i have seen that only of maximum 8 players is possible.

    • You are right, only a maximum of 8 players are allowed in the online game play by default. The 10 to 12 players extension is done through hacks, it’s not allowed in the original Mini Militia game.

  18. why did i always get only 1bullet when i play in quick play but when other player pick they get full tank but sometime i got full tank too

  19. Please sir tell me what is the reason for the mini Militia game……. when I win it won’t show that ‘You Win or You lose’ in lan WiFi game play timing…….. plzZ tell me sir…. what’s the reason..???? if it be then happy for me…

  20. I am not able to link my profile from old phone to new phone..I also connected to Internet but is not again linking.. Google play games is also not syncing it…what to do??

    • You need to sign into the new phone with your gmail ID and then in “Accounts” menu under setting choose Gmail and turn on sync settings.
      Open your device’s Settings app Settings.
      Under “Personal,” tap Accounts and then Google. If you have multiple accounts on your device, also tap the account you want.
      Tap More More and then Sync now.

  21. Mini militia does not fire bullets in any mod but when installing simple game from play store then it works fine… In xolo era 2x
    …..what should i do plzzz help me bro

  22. Sir i am facing a big problem… I am not using a hacker version but since last 3 days when ever i play in online i always found all the players are hacker… And i notice the server which is also a mod server… Tell me how i get rid of it.. i want to play my normal game.. i am commander in cheif now

    • One more thing when ever i open game app it how me to update but i have the latest version…… Actually sir i installed a god mod version but during installing i did not disconnect the internet due to which my google playe games remain login and sir now i uninstall the mod version but when i reinstall the original version then login with my email the problem of mod comes to my original version

    • Make sure you download the application from play store. If that doesn’t help, try clearing the junk files and reinstalling the application.

  23. is there any way to remove pro pack purchase without removing the progress in game…ever since i have purchased pro pack each and every game i play is only of pro pack players…i have tried and tested it 100 times every time the thing is same..all players are pro pack players.. earlier it was not so..please help

    • No Suraj, you will get to play with pro packs players as well as non-pro pack players. So go ahead get the pro pack and enjoy the perks. 🙂

  24. Sir I can’t play original or hacked version of mini militia cause while I’m opening the game I can change avatar and everything but when I play solo or online my game is suddenly stoping and going to home

    • Try older versions of the game, version 2.0.27 or less and see if it works. You can download them from apkpure like websites.

  25. Sir I can’t play mini militia mods in my tab my game is opening perfectly but I can’t play solo or online my game suddenly stops and it’s directed to home of my tab

    ( my tab is ubislate 3g7x)

  26. When i play minimilitia online either quickplay or deathmatch they always show player online 0. How to solve this iwnt play this game online

  27. I can’t restore my progress and experience from the old device to new device,please help me to sort out as I have progressed a lot in this game…

  28. When I click on quick play or online multiplayer in mini militia my network fluctuates & I am not able to play it..
    Please help me.

    • Try to restrict background apps from eating up your bandwidth. You can download an app for that or go by some tutorial on the internet.
      Hope that helps.

  29. Device :- Moto g4plus.(7.0.nauget)
    Ram. :- 3 GB ..

    Lagging problem at offline .. when play with friends.
    In Cata combs all are comes slaw or in the wall when I use sniper 7x…Or louncher… What can I do???

  30. Comment:hello. my mobile lenovo p2 . it says connection lost during multiplayer game. so i worried a lot. please give me a solution.

  31. Can u remove hackers from mini miltia nowadays ios hackers are also coming and its so boring to play with hackers
    Out of 100% 60% of players are hackers

    • We are trying to work on this issue. The next few updates will club hackers into a single game and players with original apk will get to play together.

  32. Hi, thank u for sharing this information but i am unable to log into google play services. Iam using mod version (pro pack and unlimited jet pack) that i downloaded from your website. Please help. I have android 6.0 on my galaxy A5

    • Hello Manpreet
      Hacks of the game let you earn battle points with ease and if Google play services are enabled then these quickly gained points will get saved on your google play account. We want Mini Militia players to earn these point fairly, and that’s why we have disabled google play services on Mods/Hacks.

  33. I have this game hacked version only jetpeck and unlimited ammo but I open it and goes into multiplayer and custom players and choose new player and then I host it when all the friends came I start it and then game start very well but the host person who host the game get killed and did not kill anyone and other are playing there Game in Google way.
    So give me solution for this.

  34. sir, I have installed mini militia but the gun is not reloading nor firing during playing with friends or survival
    please help with it.

  35. Boss i got 35000BP ranked 42 and my pro pack is fully activated means i have grabbed all the wepons
    Yet i got killed in 2-3 shots.Help me out in solving this

    • An increment in BP or rank does not help the rate at which you lose your health. You should buy “health regens” from the apps Setting>Store area for free to stand the fires longer.

  36. I am using hack version. When I pick 2 guns at a time only one can fire. While my friends playing with me, were fire with both of the guns
    what is the problem?
    can you please tell me the solution?

    • Try reinstalling the Mod after clearing game data and junk files. If that does work comment down your Android version we will look into the matter.

  37. I have download mini militia v2.2.86 when I click on quick play its says loading server fails I tried everything like clear cache clear data but it’s not working

    • Hey Yana
      Is your Internet connection fast enough?
      Are you facing the problem for the first time?
      Try updating the app and if the problem persists drop us another comment explaining the problem in a little more detail. We will be happy to help you.

  38. my phone is moto m while I am playing mini militia hack it’s working properly no connection problem but when in game I want to fire my player is not firing tell me solution

    • Well Ayush, that sort of problem occurs with some of the hacks. I would suggest you use the guns that are available by default till we roll out an upgraded version. By the way, with which hack are you facing the problems?

  39. Everytime I try to play online kn quick play it always says “error loading server list” I was frustrated coz I dont wanna lose my stats I have.

  40. When I started quick play using my wifi. It is not loading server. Server loading failed is showing and exiting the app showing unfortunately, mini militia is stopped. I already did the factory reset, clearing cache and data etc…
    Please fix it. I can’t play online.

    • Are you using the original version of the game or any hack? Is your wifi connection fast enough to provide constant 20KBps speed? Please also mention your Andriod OS version.

  41. i been playing this game on the same IPhone 4s I still have today but for some reason everytime I play it lags now. I’m lagging even though my internet/wifi works perfectly on YouTube or any other site or game on this same iPhone 4s. Ever since I deleted a whole bunch of music from this iPhone, everytime I play I’m lagging which I then get booted.

    • Passing the issue for clarification to the developers. We will contact you shortly through e-mail, you may be asked to submit the log files.
      Did the problem occur after the latest update v3.0.27?


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