SD maid pro apk installed on a phone

SD Maid Pro APK – System Cleaning Tool for Android [Download]

Are you tired of your phone’s slow performance?

Do you often find your apps freeze to respond?

Junk, temporary and duplicate files might be an issue.

What you need here is a maid. A digital maid that can take care of all your all your storage clean up and optimization jobs with minimal intervention.

SD Maid Pro Apk can help solve all your performance related issues in under 2 mins by removing unnecessary files.


You might be afraid of losing your important files and images from WhatsApp, Photo Gallery and other folders.

Trust me on this.

SD Maid Pro Knows how to deal with cache, log and other temporary files while leaving all your important files INTACT.


SD Maid pro stands out from the rest of the cleaner apps like CCleaner and Files Go because of its simple interface and free functionalities.

Here are some of the features.

  • CorpseFinder – Deletes files and folders left by non-existent apps.
  • SystemCleaner – Deletes system created temporary files that can be safely deleted.
  • AppCleaner – Remove logs and old cache files created by installed apps. (Requires SD Maid Pro)
  • Duplicates – Multiple copies of same image or files are displayed and deleted with user permission.
  • Storage Analyzer – Creates a graphical view to explain what is taking space on your phone.
  • Database Optimizer – Reorganises database entries by releasing empty tables.
  • AppControl – Check which application is using most of your resources like battery and CPU clocks. You can stop such apps and therefore increase your phone’s performance.
  • Searcher – Search files from internal and SD card from one location with advanced search options.
  • File Explorer – With root access it can give you access to every file on your device.

Why you need SD Maid Pro APK?

SD Maid Pro cleans unused and leftover files to improve system speed
Storage space before and after running SD Maid Pro.

Open File Manager on your device and you will find dozens of folders created by apps that no longer exists. These folders can clog your device’s performance.

These “orphaned files” are left intentionally by apps in order to track when and why the app was installed. If the app is reinstalled in future it remembers the previous settings and preferences from these leftover files. Over time these files pile up and hamper the CPU from working efficiently. Although the difference is not substantial as Android these days is smart enough to manage such storage issues.

Download APK

SD Maid Pro APK
logo of SD Maid
User Rating:4.5
Size:6.3 MB

How SD Maid Works?

Unlike any other app that claims to boost phone speed by refreshing RAM, SD Maid clearly states that it doesn’t work that way. The app, as stated by Matthias Urhahn, the creator of SD Maid, doesn’t have a “one-tap boost” feature. Instead, SD Maid is more concerned with the file-removal aspect of apps. “Android’s RAM management is very smart these days, it knows when and which apps to clean to improve system stability.” said Matthias. RAM cleaners can never increase performance or battery life in the long run. Instead, they give an overhead on the processor to fetch and reload the apps from secondary memory.

SD Maid deletes leftover files that won’t break anything if removed. It won’t delete anything that the user needs to operate the apps. It protects important files and images by adding an exclusion on files and folders that were user created. It also has a dictionary that defines SD Maid which files to remove and which not to.

SD Maid Pro Unlocker

SD Maid Pro unlocker is a 0.92 MB add-on to SD Maid Free version. It is a paid app that gives full access to some additional features to make cleaning your phone even easier.

This add-on is not a stand-alone APK, you need to have the free version of SD Maid in order to unlock Pro Features. It’s kind of like a license key which you insert into the app but here the key is injected through the SD Maid Pro Unlocker APK only.

Following features will be unlocked with the add-on apk:

  • AppCleaner
  • Duplicates
  • Scheduler
  • Statistics

You can have all these features with SD Maid Pro APK, the download link for which is given in the above section.

Frequently asked questions about SD Maid

Is SD Maid safe to install?

SD Maid is developed by one of the leading Play Store developers “Darken”. SD maid also doesn’t ask for any unnecessary access to your device other than storage. It also makes sure that no user data is deleted in the process of system optimization. The app has been tried and tested by our team. Although 100% protection is not guaranteed.

Does it require an Internet connection?

No, SD Maid works perfectly fine without the Internet.

Any Alternatives of SD Maid Pro?

Ccleaner, Files Go and Clean master can be used but these apps except “Files Go” by Google aren’t trusted by us.

Is Root Access Required?

Not necessarily, only the AppControl feature is limited with actions when no root access is given. Rest of the app works perfectly fine without root access.

How frequently should I use the app?

You don’t need to religiously run the app to keep your device running well. Use it when you find your storage space shrinking and after uninstalling a lot of apps over a period of a week or so.

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