mini militia online offline play

Play Mini Militia with Online or Offline Friends [WiFi Multiplayer]

mini militia online offline play

Yesterday you got to know about a game called Mini Militia. Your friends made you play it on their phone and you loved it. You got back home and installed it on your device and now wondering “How do I play it with my online and offline friends through Wifi Multiplayer?”.

For a regular player, this is not much of a concern but a newbie finds it hard to make everything fall into place. This guide is to help you out through step-by-step procedures to connect Mini Militia with friends away from you as well as nearby you. The Online play feature that you are about to read, teaches you other skills like choosing the map or forming teams. You can also play this game on Windows PC with the help of a software called BlueStacks.

How to Play Mini Militia Multiplayer without the Internet (Offline)

Follow these steps to play the Doodle Army 2 game with your friends without internet.

The Job of the Game Host

  1. Switch your mobile Hotspot on. Preferably on the one with better processor and RAM for lag-free gaming.
  2. Open the Mini Militia application.
  3. Tap on the home screen to reach to the options menu.
  4. Tap on MULTIPLAYER > DEATHMATCH and then on LAN WIFI.
  5. Click on the HOST button on the bottom right corner in the Local game screen.Join host from local game
  6. Now you will find your avatar and its name on the screen.Mini Militia multiplayer options screen in custom
  7. Choose the Map, duration of play and the number of players (Max 16 players).Map option and team selection option
  8. Press on DONE and wait for other players to join.

If you find it hard to catch on the steps above, watch this video demonstration.

The Job of other players to join the host

  1. Turn on Wifi.
  2. Ask the host for the name of the Hotspot created and connect to it. If the Wifi connection prompts for password ask the host for the same.
  3. Tap on MULTIPLAYER > DEATHMATCH and then on LAN WIFI.
  4. Wait for a few seconds for the name of the host’s avatar to appear under “FOUND # GAMES:”. Check left and right if multiple games are present as shown in the image.
  5. Once the Host’s name appears on the screen, tap on JOIN.
  6. Set your Doodle’s state to ready by tapping on START button.
  7. The game will start in 10 seconds once all players are ready.

If you find it hard to follow the steps above, watch this video demonstration.

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How to Play Mini Militia Online with Friends

To play Mini Militia aka Doodle Army 2 with your friends you need two things:

  • A good internet speed with almost constant 20 Kbps upload and download speed.
  • Mini Militia version 2.2.61 and above that support Custom Server Room based play.

Follow these steps if you want to create your own Server Room and play from home with your friends far away from you:

  1. Switch on the Data Connection on your phone and open Mini Militia application from App Drawer.
  2. Move over to MULTIPLAYER category and select CUSTOM.
  3. A long list of CUSTOM GAMES server will appear.Custom games list
  4. Select any server based on your country and number of players in the server, the less the number of players the better it is. Keep the server name noted to tell it to your friends.
  5. JOIN into the server.
  6. Now tap on HOST to create your Game Room.custom game host room
  7. Give a name of your choice in the “ROOM NAME” text area.create room and enter name
  8. If you want to password protect your ROOM so that no one other than your friends enter then do so by clicking on the Lock symbol.
  9. Give a password and remember it for later use.
  10. That’s it! The last thing to do is tell your buddies these details and ask them to follow the undermentioned guide.

Remember an iOS and Android user can also connect in the same manner for online and offline multiplayer gaming. You are less likely to find a Hacker in Quick Play section then the Custom section as Appsomniacs discourages the use of Mods in Quick Play.


If your Custom list does not match with that of your friend’s please check here on how to fix this issue.

Mini Militia Online Multiplayer

Multiplayer gaming mode of Doodle army
Another unique feature of Mini Militia is Online Multiplayer wherein you can play with random strangers. The other players are randomly picked by the Mini Militia servers with 3 Maps. At a time 6 players can join in and vote for their Map of choice. Along the voting, if the players choose to unite and play in teams they can do so by clicking on the “gear” icon on the right-hand side. After this, they have to tap on the wedge-shaped buttons beside “TEAM” to select the color of their teams. The Chatting option is present in the same area, players can enter Cheats and chat codes of Doodle Army 2 at this place.

When you play in the Online Multiplayer mode your rank as well as experience level increases. Battle points also grow when you kill more than you die. With these battle points, you can purchase “STORE” items. Online Multiplayer with friends is the best way you can upgrade to higher Position in Mini Militia.
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Play with Google Plus friends

mini militia with google plus

A nice feature embedded into Mini Militia is ONLINE G+ that lets you search and invite friends to play online. You can either play the in SURVIVAL mode or DEATHMATCH mode. The Google plus feature is currently under development and will be rolled out completely, soon. As of now, you can play with the group of people who opted for G+ group play. The main reason for opting Google Plus under the game setting is to play only with selected friends. Till this feature becomes available you can play through online custom play and create a server with a password on it.

Mini Militia’s Gameplay recording in built-in app Kamcord has been discontinued and a new app will be replaced soon that will let you record games through google plus.

Mini Militia Online Ranks and Points

As you advance in the game, your Rank also increases with Battle points earned. The more opponents you kill in a fight, the more Battle Points you get. The Best way to get your hands on upper ranks is to play the game regularly and keep learning new tips and tricks. The positions through which your avatar can advance are depicted in the image below.

Mini Militia ranks
Ranks start from “Private” and end at “Commander in Chief”

Mini Militia Lan Wifi Play

As mentioned above Mini Militia can be played with LAN Wifi if you don’t have an internet connection. LAN wifi is easier to set up and has no cost associated with it. One of the players simply needs to activate the hotspot and other needs to join him by Wifi connection. You need to turn off your data connection otherwise, it will be wasted. The Game host configures all the settings like turning on the Multiplayer mode and selecting the LAN wifi mode of connection.

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  • Play with someone living far away from you.
  • Play with classmates
  • Join Mini Militia on phones

Write a comment and get answers to your question regarding Mini Militia.

Happy Playing 🙂

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  1. I have downloaded the hack version
    But cant understand how to play with friends in that version?
    My friends dont know i have hacked version.

  2. Hi , i am facing a specific problem in the game. When we are connecting in the LAN for the multiplayer game and all the players gave ready. For some users alone the game starts 3 seconds earlier and the lag continues throughout the match. Bcoz of this the users for whom the game starts later are not able to kill the opponents easily. Any possibility to fix it ?

    • Two possible solutions:
      1) Make sure every device has the same version of Mini Militia. Update to the latest if possible.
      2) Host the game on a device that has better configurations.
      Try out and let us know if the issue is fixed.

  3. Sometimes I am not able to connect to the game hosted by others in offline mode. The game will hang when I click join. Pls help

    • Solution: Open the game application before connecting to the Wifi of the hosting player. Tap on the MULTIPLAYER > DEATHMATCH > LAN WIFI options and then scroll down the toggle panel and connect to the hotspot of the other player. Once you find the created game Join it.
      Hope that helps 🙂



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