Mini Militia unlimited jetpack

Mini Militia Unlimited Nitro Pack Hack – (Only JetPack Mod APK)

Mini Militia unlimited jetpack
Mini Militia unlimited jetpack apk, also known as Nitro Pack.

I think you’ll agree with me when I say:

Running out of nitrous in Mini Militia is the most hated thing.

And that too when you are right in the middle of nowhere to land. Just when the surface is about a few inches away, your limited nitrous filled jetpack fails.

What comes afterwards is well known, you lose points to your opponent.

Look at these statistics.

Statistics showing Jetpack the main reason for kills
30% times jetpack is the reason of loosing points in Mini Militia.

As clearly depicted in the above pie chart, Jetpack is the main reason after guns because of which Mini Militia players lose their points.

What a possible solution for this problem is using a hack that lets you fly as long as you want. The hack is called Nitro pack hack or JetPack hack, both the terms are used interchangeably.

But look!

You won’t get any extra feature other than unlimited nitro with this hack. And this is just to let the game be a little close to being fair. Anyway, you are still going to land into a server full of hackers.

Features of Unlimited Nitro Pack Hack

Forget about picking the Nitro booster the next time you are going to play because you are getting it as the foremost feature. Just hover over the maps, keep a sniper along and enjoy the game. It would be much better if you download and share this Jetpack mod with your friends for offline gameplays.

Mini Militia unlimited nitro pack mod
Features of Unlimited nitro pack apk
  • Only Unlimited Nitro: With this Mod you don’t even have to buy the add-ons from Mini Militia game store to increase boost refilling time.
  • Latest version 3.0.87: This version comes with temporary gas invulnerability i.e. you won’t die of a gas bomb at your respawn point.
  • Requires continuous thrust: To keep your avatar in the air you have to keep the jetpack control pad dragged up. This is unlike the booster pack that lets you float in the air without any thrust from the player.
  • No unlimited ammo or bombs: If you think that the mod should come along with unlimited ammo, comment below to let us know. We will add another version of the Nitro Mod with the features that are required.
  • Pro-Pack features: The unlimited jetpack mod apk comes with pro-pack features. But we recommend you to first purchase the pro-pack from the original developer’s website. Only then you should use this Mod apk.
  • Unlimited boost: Use the melee attack button along with the jetpack thrust to accelerate the avatar at twice the normal speed.
  • New Avatar: We have included some cool new avatars with this mod.
  • Unlimited Energy: Spark Up your Avatar with eternal Power with a single Jetpack thrust. This Mod includes Mini Militia energy hack which keeps your Power levels charged whenever there is a need to fight in between a lot of opponents.

The Nitrous cylinders in the game will also appear more frequently than they do in the unpatched version. But the spots at which they appear are still going to be the same.

How to Download and Install

Mini Militia download and install instructions
Instructions on how to install Mini Militia unlimited Jetpack apk

There are two ways of installing this Hack, you can either hack into the library files to change a few values or just download the full patched nitro mod apk from here. We will add a little insight into both of these methods here.


First, let’s do it the simple way.

  • Make sure you have a good internet connection because the apk file will have to be downloaded from Google Drive.
  • Remove the current Mini Militia app from your device.
  • Force stop google play services for a while.
  • Download and install the jetpack Mod on your device.
  • Give the application required permissions and acknowledge the terms and conditions.
  • Do not update the app if asked to, while playing in the online mode.

Download the Unlimited Nitro/Jetpack hack

Doodle Army 2: Mini Militia Unlimited Nitro Ammo pack
doodle army 2 health hack
File Name: Mini Militia Jetpack hack
File Size: 50 MB
Developers: Appsomanics LLC
Genre: Action

Also Download: Mini Militia all in one mod
We have changed the home screen image of the app with a custom image that looks much better than the one that comes with the original .apk.

Sometimes guns other than the one you spawn with might not fire or reload. If this happens with you try clearing the cache or reinstall the application.

Note: You may see a warning from google drive as “Google drive cannot scan the file for viruses”, but there is nothing to worry about here. The warning is just because Google Drive cannot scan files larger than 25 MB in size.

How the Nitrous filled Jetpack Mod works

Basically, Jetpack or Nitro Pack of Mini Militia gets its name from Nitrous oxide system NOS used in cars. When nitrous oxide is heated above a certain temperature it splits and generates oxygen, oxygen, as we all know, supports combustion and produces energy with extra fuel.

The booster cylinders you see in the game are nitrous oxide cylinders. When used with the jetpack they increase boost duration and speed.

The physics of Nitro pack is implemented in the game. The Meter at the top left corner in the game indicates the amount of nitrous left in the jetpacks. When you lift off with the help of jetpack some amount of nitrous is consumed. The jetpacks in the game are capable of reproducing nitrous when it is not used. You can be in the air for almost 15 seconds before your jetpack fails. A counter variable is set in the code implementing the nitro pack which is reduced per second by some value when the counter becomes equal to zero, you cannot use the jetpacks. This Mod removes the part of the code which decrements the counter value, thus you get the unlimited Jetpack access.


The unlimited jetpack Mod is one of the few mods that even the fair players would have no objections with. That’s because you only get unlimited Nitro pack and no extra health, ammo or bombs with it. came up with this hack on the request of the players that frequently visit it. The .apk file has been thoroughly compiled and checked before publishing. If you register any issue with it comment below and let us know.

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  1. Admin send me in email unlimited jet pack here jet pack is not download so you send me now unlimited jet pack or boom plzz admin now give me

    • Use the search bar on the website with the same query, you will get it. Otherwise, open the “Hacks and Mods” category.

  2. hey i have one question..can we take bazooka sniper or dual gun in this mod when we play onlline in own room with friends

  3. Only unlimited nitro is there I need unlocked pro pack and it is not latest update mod of mini militia we can’t use b
    Ue red and other new customization colours in it so add pro mod and make it latest version

  4. Hey I think that you guys should create a mod in which there is one shot kill,unlimited boost,unlimited bombs and unlimited ammo. That can be really useful for those bigger hackers that plays online. Thank you

    • Players were asking us to come up with only jetpack hack. That’s why we haven’t added any extra feature.
      We will try to put another version along with jetpack mod in a day or two.


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