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MM Super Patcher v2.3 – Hack All version of Mini Militia

MM Super Patcher

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Mini Militia mods are becoming increasingly popular every day. This can be justified by the fact that even the game developers have created separate servers named QP.mods. These servers allow players with hacked version enjoy the game on their platform. New ways and tricks to modify this game are always a point of a discussion amongst Mini Militia players. Today brings to you one of the most versatile methods of hacking this game.

There are three possible ways by which you can

Hack Mini Militia

to create a mod.

  • Decompile the whole application and change the code all by yourself.
  • Directly download a hacked version of the game from anywhere on the internet.
  • Download a hack tool like MM Super Patcher.

All these three methods have their own pros and cons.

If you are not a developer the first method is out of the picture. Directly downloading the application could be a good idea but then you cannot customize the mods to have features you really want.

The most preferred way used by a majority of the Mini Militia enthusiasts is using MM Super Patcher.

MM Super Patcher is a powerful tool used to hack Mini Militia. Developed by Kmods, the application has the ability to create over 50 different custom mods for Mini Militia.

Mods using MM Super patcher

This application is highly appreciated among most of the active players because, mods with different combinations of features such as Nitro, Health, ammo can be easily created. MM Super Patcher works with all the latest as well as old overs of Mini Militia. So let’s cut the chase and move towards what exactly you can do using this App.

Download MiniMilitiaSuperPatcher APK v2.3

The latest version of MM Super Patcher can be used to create mods for Mini Militia v4.2.8. If your Android device is not compatible with MMSP v2.3 you can download and install an old version of the app from below given links.

Doodle Army 2: Mini Militia Patcher
Mini Militia hack logo
File Name: MM_Patcher.apk
File Size: 9.1 MB
Developers: KMods
Version: v2.3

Download version 2.2: Download

Features of MM Super Patcher

1. Unlimited Ammo

This is one of the biggest issues with people playing mini militia that they always run out of ammo. Imagine you are playing mini militia and it’s getting intense and exactly when you see your enemy and about to shoot them you realize you are out of ammo.
That feeling is pathetic. So M M super patcher helps you exactly at that moment as you will never run out of ammo. Victory is yours, go get it.

2. Unlimited Nitro

Running out of nitrous in Mini Militia is the most hated thing. And that too when you are right in the middle of nowhere to land. Just when the surface is about a few inches away, your limited nitrous filled jetpack fails. What comes afterward is well known, you lose points to your opponent. MM super patcher helps you with unlimited nitro. Hence double the fun.


3. Unlimited Health

Immortal is what you want in Mini Militia. But is it even possible? Well Yes, MM super patcher offers you unlimited health hack where you can never die. The immortal king is in the town.

What can you do with MM Super Patcher

So there’s this great feature being offered to you by MM super patcher which is Dual Guns. Yes, guys, you heard it right now you can use two guns in Mini Militia using this amazing hack. Imagine till now you were a pro player and you could kill your enemy even with a single gun and now can choose two. Two guns well equipped with unlimited ammo.

  • Invisible – It helps you to become invisible all the time in the game whenever you want.
  • Bug Fixes – All the bugs are fixed to provide you with the uninterrupted gameplay experience.
  • Unlimited bombsProxy Mines, Grenades, Toxic gas bombs all these are just unlimited.
  • Auto Aim – One of the great features of MM super patcher is it provide auto aim possibility to you,
  • Instant health fill – Fills your health automatically.
  • Pro Pack Unlocked – The pro pack of mini militia is unlocked in this hack
  • One shot kill – Increases your aiming and helps you with one shot skill
  • 7x zoom – This one is great you can zoom 7x using this feature. No enemy can run out of your sight.

How to hack Mini Militia using MM Super Patcher?

  1. Download the MM Super Patcher apk and Mini Militia from following links.
  2. Install Both the apps on your device( Enable the unknown sources setting in the android setting)
  3. Open MM Super patcher app and click Launch Live patch option. Then it will ask you to enable the permission. Enable it.
  4. After permission is granted again Click on Launch Live Patcher option. Then K Icon will appear on the mobile screen. You can select the mods what you want from there.
  5. Now, Click on launch Modded Game in the MM super patcher menu. That’s it. Some of the Mods can also enable while playing the game.

Wrapping Up

One of the best guides to know how to hack Mini Militia v4.1.2 with MM Super Patcher. The Live patch feature allows you to enable the mods while playing. This is one thing everyone loves this Patcher to hack Mini Militia. We must say a big thanks to KMods for introducing this amazing Patcher for Mini Militia and making it a lot easier for all of us to Win.

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