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Best Tips and Tricks to Win in Mini Militia – [Explained with Images]

Recently, several Mini Militia Newbie’s dropped us questions about Mini Militia tips and tricks. If you are one of them and wondering — Why am I failing to get high score and rank? you must read this post.

Once you go through these tricks and go out to play a Mini Militia match, your gameplay might increase up to 80%. Thus, these tricks will also help you rank up fast.

Mini Militia tricks techniques how to win in the game
How to win Mini Militia matches like a pro

Mastering Mini Militia takes time. But for a Newbie, it becomes a pain in the a**. Neither he/she knows about those small tricks in the game that sets apart a winner from a loser. Also, there are players with modded apks that make it extremely difficult to play and win.

These Mini Militia tricks are for both Android and iOS. Most importantly these tips and tricks are best for those of you who hate Mini Militia hacks and want to win matches without cheating.

General Tips and Tricks in various Maps

  • Crouch down near a grenade to minimize the damage.

    Mini militia tips and tricks crouch to minimize damage
    Crouch down to minimize damage
  • Leave a gas grenade (green bomb) and proximity mines(sensor bomb) at the point you spawn in Outpost Map. It will kill other players who respawn at the same spot giving you extra points without doing much. 😀

    leave gas bombs at spawn points in Outpost
    Leave gas bombs at spawn points in Outpost
  • In close proximity fights, leave a grenade instantly if your health is low.

    Mini Militia tips and tricks leave grenade
    Quickly leave a grenade in close encounters
  • If you see the red arrow mark indicating a nearby enemy, throw grenades in that direction continuously.
  • When you are surrounded by enemies. Throw grenades downwards and suicide. Don’t let them take points.

    Mini Militia tips and tricks Suicide with bombif too low health
    Suicide with a bomb if you think your weapon and health and not enough to kill the opponent
  • Crouch down when you have to shoot this makes less of your body vulnerable to bullets.
  • When you die and about to respawn. Keep the jetpack pad dragged up and continuously tap on the melee(hand) button when the points table is shown. This will keep you from dying of the Green bomb at the spawn point.

    Mini Militia green bomb help
    Run away from spawning point to not die
  • When your opponent throws a grenade don’t move back or you will be moving with the grenade and that could turn deadly instead move forward opposite to the grenade direction.
  • Use Melee button(hand) while flying to go faster. This gives you an extra thrust. But remember to keep your gun point in the same direction you are moving.

    Mini militia tips and tricks use melee button to fly quickly
    Constantly press melee button to fly quickly
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  • Buy Pro Pack if you enjoy playing online. This will cost you $1 but unlocks many features.
  • Most of the players don’t enhance their weapons at the store. Add-ons from the store give you extra features (Gas Grenades, Health Regen, Nitro Regen, etc.) for your battle points. Head over to Settings>Store to get them.

    Mini Militia tips and tricks buy equipments from store
    Mini Militia Equipment Store
  • Choose 2x Zoom from Settings>Configure>2x View. Not many players know about this.
  • EMP guns can also defuse the proximity or sensor bombs.

Tips and Tricks during while Playing

  • When the game starts, do not run into a fight to kill someone. First get yourself fully equipped with good guns.
  • Run opposite to the direction of Bomb thrown.
  • Place sensor bombs in bushes.
  • Reload when no one is around.
  • Best Weapon combination shotgun + sniper.
  • Always have 2 guns in hand.
  • Try to attack other players already engaged in a fire. Easily killable because of their low health.
  • Shoot into Bushes before passing through them. There may be enemies hiding behind it.
  • You can kill a person with Shield by using melee (hand) button, grenade, and Rocket Launcher.
  • With perfect block, you can even protect yourself from missile and saw cutter.

    Mini Militia tips and tricks block by shield weapon
    The shield can protect you from Saw Cutter and Missiles in Catacomb map

We all hate laggy players. But like it or not we have to encounter such players in almost always while playing online. Sometimes they move very fast and sometimes they get stuck in the air. When this happens, shoot them, when these players get out of lag they will die giving points to you.

Lastly, Think fast or the opponent will show no mercy.

Best Weapon Combination for Optimal Results

Close Range – Shot Gun and Flame Thrower.

Medium Range – M4 (5x) and AK47 (4x)

Long Range – Sniper Rifle, Saw Cutter, and Rifle. You need great skills to use them

Use the revolver to take down players with low health at a Medium range instead of the Uzi.

Tips & Tricks in Catacombs

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  1. I have a question…why some of them doesn’t die it due to their ranking..I wonder…myself purchased only two by earning points….those are health boost and green bomb….only issue is why they do not die even bomb blasts on their head…is health based on ranking……please I want a faster reply……..please please….

    • Hello,
      No, Rank and health are not related at all. A Noobie and a higher rank player will have the same health.
      It may be the case that the other player also has
      -Health Regen(2x faster health recharge) from game’s setting panel.
      -He might be using some tricks to reduce the impact of the bomb.
      -Lastly, he might be using some hack that makes his health degrade at a much lower rate.

      Hope that clears your doubt.

  2. I have an iPhone 6. I can’t download ibackupbot or any hacking app. None of the hacking apps are available on the App Store I can’t even jailbreak my iOS 10.3.2. Please send me a hacking method. Hope u reply.

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