Mini Militia ringtone song

Mini Militia MP3 Song Download – Trick to Change Background Music

Mini Militia ringtone song
The Theme song of Mini Militia for your smartphone.

Let’s set Mini Militia background song as your phone’s ringtone.

Enjoy the Music every time someone gives you a call.

Drop some grenades, missiles or gunfire with text messages. But don’t forget to pick up the call in enjoying your favorite game’s ringtone. In this guide, we will not only download the complete song but also learn how to change the music playing while the app is in the foreground.

Mini Militia’s popularity and addiction have got players stuck on its sound effects. Now and then school and college students talk about the fun moments they had in the game. Like any trending movie’s song causes you to sing it over and over again in mind. You can kill this “earworm” by setting the song as your smartphones ringtone.

Drum beat sound used in theme
Military drum beats used in the theme song of Doodle Army 2.

Simply because the genre of the game is action and that too related to the army, Mini Militia game uses Military marching beat as the base of its background song. The instrumental also has some fun tone colours added in between drum beats. The term Militia stands for civilians trained as soldiers but not part of the regular army. So does the game Mini Militia which got its name from the previously assigned name which was Doodle Army 2.

MP3 Ringtone specifications

The MP3 song is stored by name “presMix.mp3” within the game’s assets directory. The size of the full song file is 769.56 KB and 2:01 minutes long played in a loop. To make it fit the 30 seconds ringtone limit, we have trimmed and compressed the file without compromising the quality.

The theme song is all instrumental without any lyrics. Appsomanics have the copyright of all the sounds used within the game.

In the next half, we will teach you how to replace this music file by one of your choice. Once you replace this file in the proper order, every time you launch the app you will get to hear the custom song.

Download Theme Song

Doodle Army 2: Mini Militia Song
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File Name: Mini Militia Background Music (preMix.mp3)
File Size: 751 KB
Composers: Appsomanics
Length: 41 Seconds

If you want any particular song to be added to the background, you can let us know by commenting at the end of this post.


How to Change Mini Militia Background Song

Here is the dessert, let’s change the background song to one of your choices. It could be Shakira’s waka-waka or Justin Bieber baby-baby. All you need to do is download your favourite song on your smartphone along with APKeditor from play store and follow these steps.Change background song like sahad ikr

Make sure that the song you want to replace with is in MP3 format and stored in the internal storage else it won’t work. There is no need for renaming the song to preMix, apkEditor will take care of it.

  • Install APKeditor and Mini Militia on your phone.
  • Open APKeditor
  • Tap on “Select APK from App.”
  • Find Mini Militia from the list of apps.
  • Click on “Simple Edit (FILE REPLACEMENT)”
  • Head over to “assets” folder.
  • You will find the “presMix.mp3” file at the bottom of the screen. Tap on the “Paper Pencil” icon next to the name of the file.
  • Now browse to the folder where you saved the Music file, select it and confirm.
  • Finally, click on save and wait a minute for the apk file to be created in the APKeditor’s “tmp” folder inside your phone’s internal memory. The name of the newly created file will be gen_signed.apk.

You can also set the custom music to any of the Mini Militia mod with the same steps as mentioned above.

Another way of carrying out this tweak is to download the apk, change the music files using WinRAR and install the hacked Mini Militia in PC.

Message Tones

Now that we have successfully got the ringtone set lets move on and change the message tones to one of gun’s or grenade’s sound. For this, you can either extract the sound effects from Mini Militia’s APK file or download it from here.

We have put here the sounds of the all the 15 guns and 3 grenades. You can create a looped version of the sounds for your alarm as well. These sounds will wake you up for sure.

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