Mini Militia for PC | Windows Phone | [Updated] Download

mini militia for pc
Mini Militia running on a Windows machine.

Mini Militia is certainly very popular on Android and iOS platforms, but Mini Militia for PC has its own advantages.

With Mini Militia on windows, you get a wider display and quite easy controls to handle. Instead of your fingers swapping around the small screen you get to use your mouse and physical keyboard for taps, swipes, and moment controls on the computer. Plus those of you who are not able to enjoy the game for some reason on Android smartphone, Mini Militia for windows can be an option worth trying.

This third-person shooter game works well on windows 7, windows 8/8.1, windows 10 powered laptop or desktop computers. We haven’t tried Mini Militia, Doodle Army on PCs running windows XP but you can definitely give it a shot. Do tell us by commenting below how well it worked.

Below is the complete and easy to understand guide on how to play Mini Militia on Windows PC.

Min militia for windows pc download

We tried this method on a laptop with 2 gigs of memory. It works well, though occasional lags were encountered to be true, still the game is enjoyable as it is on a smartphone. If you wish to continue your gameplay with the same rank and points as you earned on your Android or iOS phone, keep reading.

Doodle Army 2: Mini Militia for PC

How many times does it happen that you like an Android game and search for its alternative on Desktop machines?

A lot, I say.

The same is with Mini Militia, a lot of players are keen into getting this game on their Windows 7 and Windows 10  powered Laptops. The developers of the game haven’t released Mini Militia for PC as it takes time and efforts to migrate an Android application on a completely different platform.

But Wait…

There is method through which you can Download, Play and even Hack Mini Militia on PC.

So let’s get started!

Things you will need for Mini Militia to run on your PC:

  • At least 2 gigs of RAM, for smoother performance.
  • Android Emulator software like Bluestacks for Mini Militia on Windows computer. We will tell you about it below with download links.
  • 5 GB of free hard disk space. Don’t worry it won’t take this much space it’s just for the process.
  • Doodle Army 2 Mini Militia apk file. You can download it later through play store also.
  • Internet Connection, in case you want to try it online.

Yes! only this much and you are ready to fire!

This Mini Militia for windows guide will not only let you play online or solo but also LAN multiplayer(hotspot) with your friends. All the features that you get on the Smartphone will be present on the Desktop or computer version of the game including cheats.

You must be wondering by now, how will I get to use the moment control, jetpack flying control, and throw grenades with the keyboard. Don’t you worry this Mini militia for PC guide will help you map keyboard keys as you like it to be!

Mini Militia PC Download

Follow this step by step guide to get Mini Militia for windows:

  1. Download Android Emulator Software for Windows to run android applications [apk]. Bluestacks is one such application best suited to run Mini Militia for pc. Here is the link
    Download link for bluestacks app player
    Click here to download Bluestacks for running Mini Militia on Windows pc

    *This is the offline version of Bluestacks
    *To get more fun out of the game, download Hacks and cheats for Mini Militia.

  2. Once downloaded follow the wizard to install Bluestacks on your computer. Installing Bluestaks is no big task.
  3. If you already have Mini Militia pro pack apk file on your computer head over to it and double click on it. Else you can download the same from the Bluestacks application.
  4. You can also install Mini Militia hack file from the attached link.
    Wizard for mini militia apk installation
  5. Now open Bluestacks from your computer and select “Android” tab. You will find Mini Militia game icon in the Recently played column.
  6. Allow Google play the permission it needs to run Mini militia on windows.
  7. Congratulation! You successfully installed the game on your PC. The only thing that is left now is setting up the controls which will take no more than 2 mins. 🙂

Setting Keyboard Arrow key Controls of Mini Militia on Windows

Step 1) Open “Settings” from the game app.

Doodle army 2 select settings option

Step 2) Choose “Controls” option from the screen that follows.

select controls option from the screen

Step 3) Click on “Placements”.

Placement option to let players change the game control.

Now you will be presented with “Keyboard Mapping” screen. Here you can change the default placement of control keys. But we will be allotting keys from the keyboard to each of the control pads on the screen. Like arrow or [w,a,s,d] keys for movement control.

Step 4) Click on the “Keyboard mapping” option as pointed by the image below.

Mini Militia for pc
Mini Militia for pc

Step 5) Here is the final part. Drag and drop the D-Pad  as pointed by the arrows in the image to moment control at the center.

Movement and aiming control mapping for mini militia game

Step 6) Once the D-pad is placed, you have to configure which key you want to have to make the doodle go UP, DOWN, LEFT, and RIGHT. You can configure the arrow -> <- keys or [w,a,s,d] keys for that. Confirm to make the changes.

movement control key configration (w,a,s,d,)

Step 7) Similarly, drag and drop the tap option over the grenade bomb throwing area and assign a key.

option to select key for throwing bomb in the game

Step 8) Do the same with the melee attack. Select tap and drop it over the melee (punch) area of the screen and assign a key from the keyboard.

melee attack or punch key seletion

Step 9) Next, Configure the Zooming option by dragging and dropping the zoom option from the top of the screen.

mini militia for pc zooming option selection
Step 10) Once every key is mapped your screen will resemble something like this.

all keys mapped in Mini militia for windows setup
Step 11) Finally, click on “X” at the top-right corner of the screen to close and save.

changes have been detected select save

Glad 🙂 we did it together. Setup to get mini for windows is completed. It’s Playtime!

Mini Militia on PC without Bluestacks

Many of the players prefer not to play this game on Bluestacks, the reason as already stated is the need of a high-end PC. Bluestacks demands a lot of processing power as well as memory to run on Windows machines. Also, it heats up the system and causes the battery to drain out quickly on Laptops.

Because of all these reasons Mini Militia enthusiasts don’t want to emulate the game on some third party software like Bluestacks. Instead of Bluestacks, players prefer the game to be directly played on PC with either keyboard or Joystick as the controller.

Unlike other popular games in the market that have their PC version along with Android and iOS, Mini Militia is only available on mobile devices. You won’t find the game for Windows 7, 8 or 10 anywhere on the internet.

If the popularity of Mini Militia keeps on increasing as it is happening right now, we may in the future see a desktop version for the game that runs without the use of Bluestacks.

Mini Militia for Windows Phone

Mini Militia game for windows phone
Mini Militia game for windows phone user to be out soon

Appsomanics LLC the developers of the game have recently said in a conference that Mini Militia for Windows Phone user will be out soon. According to reports from different web site, we got to know that the game is in the development stage. It will be available on windows store for download once the final debugging phase is carried out. Initially, mini militia for Lumia 525, 535, and 640 will be released and tested.

When asked about why the game is taking so long to be available for windows phone users they said “…we have been trying hard to quickly get the game out of its development phases and into the public. But Because of not so large Windows Phone user base and the framework for the game does not support windows devices. We thought of developing it later once to we get the statistics of its popularity.”

“Even if the Doodle army 2 game is not released for windows phone. We are planning to get Doodle army 3 on iOS, Android & Windows devices next year” They added.

Doodle army 3 to be released for windows devices next year

Mini Militia for windows phone xap file will be available here for download once released. Stay tuned and be the first to get the xap file for DA2 and DA3. And meanwhile, check these cool Mini Militia memes and trolls. Bookmark or subscribe us Right NOW! Remember we are MiniMilitia.ORG 🙂

Mini Militia for PC | Windows Phone | [Updated] Download
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  1. Windows Phones are totally waste of money.Dear admin do not tell us lie because we all know mini militia or doodle army 3 will never available on windows store.

  2. The developers has released age of empires castle siege for android,but they are not making any android game for Windows Phone 😡😡😡

  3. What are the developers for Windows doing? They promised mini militia to be launched in Feb 2017… & its march going to finish… Are they working on it or all the users who want to play mini militia on windows phone should switch their phones and complain to consumer forum that they are just promising not giving good services to their customers. I think switching to windows is my biggest fault. I have been waiting for 10 months, and there are no updates from them… Very upset with windows..😌

  4. Windows phone 📱…future is too much…
    Because android users enjoy their every moment…
    Don’t care …problem….
    I think android users are best enjoying their apps and specially gaming …
    Clash of clan …mini militia…
    Wow game…

  5. Hope this game releases in February…it has been quite a while since WP users are eagerly waiting for this game to be released..
    Hope it worth the wait…

  6. Hi writer, I just wanted to say thanks to you as your post really helped me in playing mini militia with my friends, I installed this game in my PC successfully through this article.

  7. I think that information came long back . Are you sure it is going to be released next year? Because they are saying it for a long time.

  8. please, guys, make it faster because I am an android user but now I became a Windows user I am only looking for mini militia so make it faster

  9. I have recently moved to a Windows phone from an android… And i got to know that mini militia isn’t available for Windows.. Kindly provide the game as soon as possible and made my phone transferability decision right……!!!!!!

  10. Its really weird to see others enjoy those game while I get jealous

    We need those game
    Please provide Im about to switch to windows phone nokia 1020
    Although I previously used windows phone nokia 820

    • Hello Alwin
      I am as eager as you are to experience mini militia on Windows phones.
      We are continuously following the developers and once we get to know the dates, we will update you.
      There are very fewer chances for Doodle Army 2 to be released on Windows store. Framework issues.
      We could expect the release date for Doodle Army 3 in February next year which will work on windows platform.


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