Mini Militia Doodle army 2 one shot kill

Mini Militia One Shot Kill – High Damage Bullets [2019 APK]

Mini Militia single shot kill was once the most downloaded hack. One shot kill was counted among the best mods but as it became popular people started spotting it as a hack.

So, we have re-compiled this version of one shot kill Mini Militia apk into high damage bullets mod for both Android and iOS.

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Mini Militia one shot kill
Mini militia one shot kill – 2x Damage Bullet shots

This one shot dead game or now called Mini Militia high damage mod is much better than the invisible ghost mod and inside wall hack. The reason is simply that this mod does not look like a hacked version to other online and offline players. You won’t get unlimited health with this mod, which is what most of the players look for in any hack. So that other don’t get to know of this cheat.

Now the Doodle Army 2 one shot kill hack completely blends with the non-hacked game app. A single bullet of this game is capable of causing considerable damage to other players. We have tested the game mode online, and none of the players suspected it as a hack.

Trust me on this-
You won’t get suspected of using a hack or mod with this apk. This comes from personal experience. So, go on and download this hack. 🙂

Features of Mini Militia One shot kill (High Damage) apk

  • High damage bullets – Every gun you pick will have extensive damage capabilities, i.e., every gunfire will have more power and better aiming.
  • Mini Militia Pro Pack – All features of Pro pack will be available with this hack.
  • Unlimited Nitro – Fly as much you want
  • Without Unlimited health – So that you are not called a cheater. 😉
  • No Unlimited Ammo – Makes the apk not look like a hack to other players.
  • Double bullets Shots – Only you will see dual bullets being fired not others.
  • All Store items purchased – Green Bomb, Laser, better aim, etc.
  • Can be used with PC version of Mini Militia – The 2x, 4x and 6x damage variations of this mod can be used in PC with Bluestacks.
  • Customizable Bullets – Fire any number of bullets by increasing the range field in the settings panel. Example 5,10,100 bullets per shot.

Bang with any gun kills them to death that’s what this hack is capable of doing. To you, the guns will look like shooting multiple bullets, but to other opponents, it will just be a single round. That is one reason why the mode is called 2x damage mode.


If this is not the hack you are looking for, then you may try the Double Gun Mod that lets you shoot with any gun combination in Doodle Army 2. The only difference between the two Mod is the way you tackle and defeat your opponent.

A tip for you people, Crouch down whenever you are shooting this increase the accuracy by two folds.

Installation of Doodle Army 2 One Shot Kill

  • No root access required for one shot dead mod.
  • Uninstall the currently installed Mini Militia app
  • Download the mod apk from the link given below
  • Download the hack from google drive or your browser.
  • Install and acknowledge the License.
single shot kill mode download
Fire fewer bullets with better precision

The Fun thing about this mode is that it does not look like a hacked apk version of the game.

Download Mini Mini High damage (One shot kill)

Doodle Army 2: Mini Militia One Shot Kill Hack Mod Download
doodle army 2 health hack
File Name: Mini Militia One shot kill (High damage)
File Size: 48.8 MB
Developers: Appsomanics LLC
Hack Rating: 4.1 of 5

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The game works perfectly fine but may encounter lags in rare situations. Some of the guns in online play might not have ammo in them. That’s an issue we are working on and will resolve soon. The Offline play has no such problems.

Update: Mini Militia players can now get unlimited ammo with the Mega Mod apk. Issues such as the inability of guns to fire have been resolved in this mod.

Update (1 Jan 2019): The mod has been updated to include 3 different modes based on the degree of damage the guns present in the game do. These are 2x, 4x and 6x damage modes each of which has powerful guns. 2x damage mode has lower power guns when compared with 6x damage.

Don’t overuse this one shoot kill high damage hack. Let other players also enjoy the game.
Stay tuned with us we will come up with something more exciting next time. Comment below and let us know if you face any problem we will be happy to help you. Also, check out facebook and google+ page for more updates. Go ahead and try out this one-shot kill hack 🙂

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  1. Hey admin….
    Can you please make this mod with unlimited ammo, one shot kill and unlimited nitro and pro pack only???
    I need this simple hack to play
    Please reply me to my mail

  2. Hey, dude, I appreciate your mods. And I’m trying to download and test all of them later. 🙂
    I have 1 request for you and it’s not that hard. Can u please make a sniper 1 shot death mod? Make it for the sniper only because it’s pretty bad when u get into ambush situation and shoot ur opponents body or legs do need to shoot his/her again and that’s terrible before u can shoot his/her again ur nothing but dead. I hope u look into my suggestion for the upcoming updates.
    Thanks bro

    • Have you tried sniper in “One shot kill mod”? Because I guess it would work the same way. In case it doesn’t do revert and we will come up with another mod.

  3. I want mini militia with unlimited ammo ,nitro ,bomb (gas ,mines,normal bombs ) with any gun dual .
    Can you please uplead that apk

  4. dear admin. personally i think this hack is great. But i want something different. do you have one with all the features of 2x damage but the store items not purchased. You would be doing me a real favor here. Thanks.

  5. Hey admin I want 2x health and 2x damage but no unlimited ammo and grenade…so please mail me …and I want to play this game in battlezone 1 to 3
    And servers like proplayers

  6. Hey admin I want 2x health and 2x damage but no unlimited ammo and grenade…so please mail me …and I want to play this game in battlezone 1 to 3

  7. It should be like undected mod and melee attack fast also and 2x heleath…….please make this mod and notification me…….and background should be like mini militia org.

  8. nice work bro. can u remove the ulimited nitro. plz… my friends hate unlimited nitro. since if i can get a sniper, then i can stay at the top and shoot them out till the ammo runs out. so plz consider removing the unlimited nitro. thank you

  9. Hey admin is there is any version which have 2x fast refill health, 2x boosters, unlimited ammo, unlimited bombs and 2x damage with guns but not one shot killed bullets and 1 time only 1 bullet fire…

    If there is a version like this please give me link

  10. Hey admin,
    As everyone says you’re doing a great job..
    But I personally want a Mod..which others may like too.:)
    No unlimited ammos no unlimited haacks nothing
    Just a regular game . . But
    Health and nitro boosts by 3-4x speed..gun reload time should be less then it actually is (not zero but the blink of an eye) it looks more realistic ,so others can believe that it ain’t a hack.
    No lags no bugs just a perfect game.. It’s a hack which doesn’t look like a hack…
    i hope you will work on it.

  11. make a mod with faster nitro recharge , faster health regen , 2x damage and 5000 Battle points and 7x zoom for all weapons

  12. That is a great app no doubt. But while playing offline with my friends, they saw my boost is unlimited and I was booted. There should be an option to turn of unlimited boost in offline mode. Or it should be 2x boost in offline instead of unlimited so friends won’t notice that

    • Sorry to say, You can’t update the app if you do so you will lose the all the features of the hack.
      We are soon going to update all the hacks with the latest version. Keep visiting to download them.
      Thank you for visiting.

  13. I love the version can u plz create a mod
    With every feature as same as above to an updated 3.0.147 latest
    Plzzz it will help a lot

  14. Hii I need ur help…can u plzz plzz plzz make this same 2x damage mod for the latest version of mm v3.0.147… plzz ..plZ…I’d made plz send it on my email

  15. Hey admin, can I have God Mod with unlimited ammo and one shot kill Mod. Your post does not have unlimited ammo. So, I request you to suggest me a hacked Mod with unlimited ammo. Can I get it soon.

  16. Hey I need one shot kill and unlimited ammo and nitro. Please send the apk to my mail id. This is my hummble request.

  17. 1. Not one shot kill only high damage than d normal one.
    2. Pro mode unlocked.
    3. Nothing unlimited, not ammo nor nitro nor health…

    Can u give m such one…

  18. Hello admin,
    Can you email me the combo of following hacks:
    Unlimited ammo
    Unlimited nitro
    One shot kill
    Pro pack unlocked
    Dual gun

  19. Admin I can’t download one shot because it is telling google drive cannot scan
    There is a option of download anyway but I cant

  20. Admin, pls tell me that what to do ? When I am downloading one shot but is not downloading and saying that google drive cannot scan there is a option of download anyway I am pressed it but no response

  21. Hey admin, can i have god mode with unlimited ammo, the god mod apk u posted does not have unlimited ammo. So i request u to suggest me a god mode with unlimited ammo. Can i get so??

  22. bhai aasa hota h agar kisi p boam pako tavo wo nhi marta h aur endless fly karta rhata h aur Bricks k aar par chalagata h to ky mai v aasa kr sakta hu game m bolo

  23. Can i get the pro rank of commander in chief in my existing version or isbdr any vrsion like that but normal without hack.?

  24. Hey buddy can u please send me one shot kill and pro pack activated apk which support Google play service and please make it clean coz i have downloaded oll your apk but every apk has kuldip or something written at start and please i have requested many times but no helpcame to me so send me apk @ [email protected]
    And ya buddy only only shot and propack no battle points no any thing unlocked jst one shot kill and propack which support Google


  25. i am having problem with my bullet register & bullet range. Damage is lesss & Bullet range is too small compare to other friends who are playing with me… We all use same version but the problem is only with my phone.

    please help me someone with your knowledge _/\_

    • Hello Vishal
      Is the problem only with mini militia one shot kill or you are not able to use any of the game’s apk.
      Try downloading the game from Play Store, see if it works and let us know.


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