Mini Militia no name blank name trick

Mini Militia No Name [Blank Name] Trick

Mini Militia no name blank name trick
Mini Militia No Name of Avatar in Game Server list

In our earlier tutorial on Invisible hack, we learned about how to make the avatar invisible by tweaking the Android APK files. We saw that by removing the avatar parts from a file named MenuTexture.png we were able to have no existence of the avatar in the game. But we couldn’t get the doodle’s avatar name removed.

Mini Militia blank name
The name is not visible in scorecard of the game
In this short and easy tutorial, we will see how to have no name in Mini Militia. The procedure of removing name of all the avatars in the game involves the use of no 3rd party applications and can be done from the Mini Militia application itself. Just so you know, this trick is a part of the 12 Awesome Mini Militia hacks series, to get in-depth knowledge of this no name trick you can refer this article.


Step 1) Launch Mini Militia app from your phone.

Step 2) Head over to the SETTINGS panel from the home screen of the app.

Step 3) Among the available options choose AVATAR.

Step 4) Click of the area from where you choose to rename the avatar.

Mini Militia avatar name change
Change your avatar’s name from the AVATAR panel

Step 5) Remove the existing name and press “Space” button from the keyboard until the cursor stops (around 16 times).

no avatar name in Mini Militia
The avatar name is now not visible

Step 6) Roll back to the area from where you choose to play the online or offline game with your friends. Now you and other players will see blank name i.e. they will see nothing at places where avatar name is present.

So now you have learned about the Mini Militia no name trick. Go and try this hack and let your friends wonder how you did this. 😉

What you get with No Name Trick

You can tweak the original or other Doodle Army 2 hack to get the blank name. This trick works on all sort of hacks and mods.

When you will die in the game your opponent won’t get to see your name and the only thing printed on the screen will be “You killed  “. You can tease other online players and they won’t be able to say your name through the chat.

The no name trick works well to get:

As you know spaces can’t be seen in text, so this trick exploits this feature to rename you to nothing. Pressing the space button 16 times on the keyboard causes the limit of the number characters to exceed, as a result Mini Militia application has to fix the name to Nothing. You can combine this trick with the Invisible hack to completely remove your doodle’s existence.

If you find it hard to understand the above-mentioned steps, feel free to ask for clarification by commenting below.

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