Mini Militia iOS (iPhone) Hack & Pro Pack without Jailbreak [Download]

Mini Militia game ios iphone
iPhone iOS hack for Doodle Army 2: Mini Militia

Mini Militia is freemium massively multiplayer online game. The game is developed by Appsomanics for iOS (iPhone) and Android. Since its inception, the game has covered over 1 million devices running on iOS. As the game started to popularise, the demand for its hacks and tweaks picked up pace. People have been searching Mini Militia’s hacks, cheats and modes for iOS on iPhones.

Here we bring to you all the latest Mini Militia cheats and hacks exclusively for iPhones. Some of the hacks may require jailbreaking while others will be carried out using Cydia and ifile, a package manager application that allows you to install apps on jailbroken iPhones and iPads. We have thoroughly discussed each step in carrying out the hacks.

Mini Militia ios hack red tee shirt
Mini Militia: Doodle Army 2 for iOS (iPhone)

We have already seen a lot of Android user using hacks for this game but were missing for iOS. The reason is simply the kind of security offered on iPhones that do not let you install 3rd party apps.

iPhone iOS Hacks List

The hack includes the following files and features:

These are a few hacks that we have provided with download links below. Before getting down to download these Mini Militia iOS modes, please ensure that you read all of the content here.

Mini Militia Hack iOS without Jailbreak

This method works without jailbreak of your iPhone and on almost every version of iOS.

  1. Download iBackupBot, available for both windows and mac PC HERE.
  2. Download the License Key HERE.
  3. Back up your device on your Computer.
  4. Creating backup may take several minutes, so be patient.
  5. Now open the iBackupBot application and head over to User App files.
  6. Search for Mini Militia in the right-hand side pane.
  7. Next get into Library directory.
  8. Preferences directory is the next destination.
  9. Open the XML file present in this directory.
  10. Values under Best shows the best score in survival mode.
  11. Search for LBKey.experience.earned and change the value under it.
  12. Go ahead and save the file.
  13. That’s it reboot and enjoy.

ibackupbot mini militia hack without jailbreak
iBackupbot to access internal data of apk file associations

iOS hacks and cheats with Jailbreaking

These tricks require a jailbreaked iPhone. If yours is not, go ahead and follow the steps mentioned in this video to have access to Cydia.

Once the process of jailbreaking is completed, you are ready to go on to the next phase of getting Mini Militia iOS hack on your iPhone.

Installing the Hacks through Cydia

Step 1) Open Cydia application.

cydia main menu
Cydia Main Menu application hacker

Step 2) Tap on “Sources” down at the bottom of the screen.

cydia source area mini militia hack iphone
iPhone’s apps hacking

Step 3) Next you have to add a New Source and type this is the place where you will find the hack files for Doodle Army 2 aka Mini Militia.

cydia add source repo
Enter the URL to access required files

Click done, and we are half way around in carrying out our hack.

Step 4) Move over to “Section” and “All Packages” here you will find a lot of files. Each file has different hacking schemes.

hack files for iOS
Varis DA2 iOS mods

We will use VarisDA2DualHack file for now. You can choose whichever you want.

Step 5) Click on install. You may get an error, something like in this image.

cydia error message
GPG error with invalid signature

That is not a big problem. Just get back to Cydia main menu and click Modify>Clear. After clearing tap on “Install” and it will start downloading the files.

downloading files for mini militia hack
Data reloading and downloading packages

It will take just a few moments and set up things for you.

Congratulation! You successfully hacked Mini militia on iOS. 🙂 It’s Playtime.

Mini Militia iOS Pro Pack for Free

This iOS trick works without jailbreaking or any such hustle. You need nothing more than Mini Militia installed on your iPhone, and you will get all pro pack weapons and avatars.

This is not the usual “watch ad get pro pack” technique. This mode requires “RAM clearing” to reset the time.

Open Mini Militia game ifile and head over to “Quick Play” button and then press “Free Pro Pack add time” and then watch the add for only one time.

Once you are done playing a game, do exactly as mentioned here. Hold down the power button and home button, by doing so you have cleared the junk files from your RAM including the Timing variable.

Next time when you open the Mini Militia iOS app, you will find that the pro pack time is not reduced. Keeping doing so when you want to play online and you will get all of the features.

Mini Militia main page on iOS iphone hack
Mini Militia gameplay on iPhone

Download Mini Militia iPhone, iPad (iOS) Hack files

Doodle Army 2: Mini Militia iOS’s hack
Doodle army 2 mini militia game icon
File Name: Orignal Application App Store link
File Size: 69.3 MB
Developers: Chad Towns
Category: Games Action genre
Download Tested apk file for Mini Militia

Just in case you don’t have the application installed on your phone get it from here. Download previous version of the game by pausing the download progress indicator bar. Long press on the bar to get a list of previous versions.

He will provide you all Mini Militia enthusiasts with some direct download methods in the near future.


So we just did some hacking on iPhone with and without jailbreaking on Mini Militia game to create the required mod. Follow these step-by-step guides, and you will get the game on your Apple device. Go through the tutorial again if you can’t figure out how to hack Mini Militia in your device.

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Stick around we will be bringing all the latest Mini Militia hacks for Android as well as iPhone devices. Comment below for any query and do not forget to thanks, Appsomanics, the developers of this game.

Let us know if you got to play Mini Militia in the latest iPhone X by posting video at [email protected]

Disclaimer: The hacks and cheats provided here are just for education purposes. Please, not carry out the hack if you don’t have the valid pro pack license of the game. Encourage the developer’s work by downloading pro pack from App store.

Mini Militia iOS (iPhone) Hack & Pro Pack without Jailbreak [Download]
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