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Amazing Mini Militia Invisible Hack [Download Apk]

Mini Militia Invisible Hack

Getting Invisible in Mini Militia game!

It sounds incredible, doesn’t it?

Be like James Bond of “Die Another Day”, much like a Ghost of the game.

You’d be right to be skeptical – I was too when I first heard of this invisible Mod.

It sounds too good to be true. Let’s get started!

Methods of turning your avatar invisible

Invisible hack methods

Getting invisible is one of the most interesting Mini Militia trick. This with this hack, you will be like a ghost whom no one can see. The only part of your avatar that will still be visible is your guns and those can also be disguised but that will take extra efforts for you to change the game files.

Things needed for creating your own mini militia invisible avatar.

    • Download APK editor pro from play store or from the link given below for accessing the Mini Militia avatar skins in the game. Download APK editor here
    • Download Mini Militia game apk file in your external or internal memory. You can also hack the currently installed game app.
    • Photoshop or any other Photo Editing tool. There is not much editing required, just a few avatar images to delete from an image containing them. Editing can be done online on this LINK.

Direct Download Link for Invisible Mod APK

Mini Militia Mod apk has some custom avatars based on Comic superheroes like The Flash, Zoom, Batman etc. Each of these avatars can be found in the settings panel of the game. These avatars are local to your device, meaning they will only be visible to you and not your opponents in the game.

Here is the free to download link of the file.

Doodle Army 2: Mini Militia Invisible Mod
doodle army 2 health hack
File Name: Mini Militia Invisible apk
File Size: 48 MB
Developers: Appsomanics LLC
Genre: Action

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Don’t you want to see how we made this Mod?

It’s Easy! Just scroll down to learn.

Earlier posted only the procedure of creating Mini Militia Invisible Mod but later realized that players were facing issues in creating the mod by themselves. Mostly the app breaks down at the installation part and the graphics get distorted.

But we still recommend you to try a hand and see if you can get the app working just well.

You can learn about how to make your avatar invisible by following the easy guide given below.

Simple Process for creating the Mod

Closely follow this guide to make your own invisible Mod apk.

You can carry out this Mini Militia invisible Hack without root permission. Also, with the latest version (2020) of Mini Militia you will also require a VPN to execute this trick successfully.

Step 1) Install APK editor pro app and open it.
Step 2) Tap on “Select an Apk File” if you want to perform the hack on Mini Militia downloaded apk file. Else go with “Select Apk from App” the procedure is the same for both of them.
APK editor home screen Mini militia invisible hack
Apk editor for performing mini militia invisible hack
Step 3) Search for Doodle Army 2 Mini Militia apk file in your internal storage area and select it.
Mini militia apk selection in apk editor
Search for Doodle Army 2 Mini Militia apk file
Step 4) Select “Simple Edit (FILE REPLACEMENT)” for “Mini Militia Invisible Hack“.
Selecting simple edit file replacement
Select “Simple Edit (FILE REPLACEMENT)”
Step 5) Now what you see are the internal files associated with Mini Militia hack and cheat for android. All the Mini Militia hacks that we see on the internet are developed by modifying these files. You can change the background of the first screen of the game as well as the background of different maps. We will discuss that at the end of this topic.

Proceed by selecting “assets” first.

assests in apk editor mini militia invisible

Step 6) Now, Head over to “hd” folder. Here you will find all the images used in the game.

Wallpapers associated with Mini Militia game to be hacked and changed to make doodles invisible

Step 7) Search for the menuTexture.png file in hd folder. This png image contains all the doodle army 2 avatars skins, guns, grenades etc as separate images. Tap on save file icon marked in blue. This will save the in the internal memory of phone in the folder named ApkEditor>images>menuTexture.png. We will modify this file to do the Mini Militia invisible hack and save the modified file back in this folder.

Selected menuTexture png file in invisible mini militia hack

Here is how the menuTexture.png file looks like.

orignal menuTexture.png file in mini militia hd folder

Finally, open the file in any photo editing tool and remove the legs h ands and face of as many doodles you like. Remove those guns as well which the doodle carries when spawned like uzi and pistol to make Mini militia completely invisible.

Step 8) Save the image and place it back into your phone somewhere you can easily browse to. Open Apk Editor once again and move to the same spot where we left earlier i.e., in the folder containing menuTexture.png file.

Click on Replace mini militia invisible png file

find and replace edited image of mini militia hack from the phone storage
Move to the place where the edited image is stored

In the End click on save, it will take a few second to build the new apk. Install it and enjoy being Invisible in Militia Militia game hack.

Unseen doodle hack mini militiaAlso Check: Fly through wall hack [apk download]

Mini Militia Add face and face changer Trick

You can replace the faces with any other image, maybe yours or your favorite actor, actress. 😉

You have to follow this Mini Militia face changer guide just like the invisible hack. The only difference is that this time you have to place a different image in place of the avatars present.

Edit the MenuTexture file to include a face you like. If you find it hard to do so. Comment below to let us know and we will do it for you. Though that is highly unlikely, you now know who to do that.

Here we have added the face of Shin Chain 😀 cropped the image from another and squished it to fit the size.

Mini Militia add a different face to avatar

Save the file and replaced it with original as mentioned in the above “mini militia invisible hack”.

Mini Militia face added shin chain

Mini Militia Custom face added online play

Here is a snapshot of gameplay after changing the face of the avatar. Looks Cool! ain’t that?

changing the face mini militia
changing the face mini militia

Remember the changes to your avatar done this way only affects it on your phone. Other plays will still see the original avatar.

Mini Militia Background Change

Mini Militia background images are stored in the “hd” folder as described above. So simply move over to this folder with the Apk Editor app. Replace the image with the desired one. Make sure that the size(dimensions) of the image to be replaced is the same as that of the original image.

change doodle army 2 mini militia background image
Doodle army 2 Mini Militia Background Change

So you don’t need any Mini Militia background mod to be downloaded from somewhere else. Just follow the guide and do it yourself. Try some other changes and do tells us when you come up with something worth sharing.

Takeaways from the Tutorial

Mini Militia is an amazing game and what makes it so is its flexibility to allow modifications to its files. These internal files allow us to create different versions of the game. One such version is the invisible mod version also known as the ghost mod among a few.

Mini Militia enthusiasts like Kmod and Denzel have also tried creating mods for this game by simply using the tricks given above. You can also create these mods and send it to us for review. If we find your mod interesting than we might share it with our users. You will get credits for your work. You can also upload your mod on mod sharing sites like MMSuperPather and FruityGamers. Maybe you will become as famous as Kmod or Denzel or Sahad Ikr one day.

Every player who wants a twist to the game can make use of this guide to create an invisible avatar. It’s just so easy.

Check out this video if you find it hard to follow the textual guide.

Comment below if you find difficulty in performing any of these steps. Like our Facebook page to keep up with the latest Mini Militia Tips and Tricks.

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    • You are invisible to others. Ask any of your friends to connect with you in the game and ask him if he can find you in the game.

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    • Maybe the apkEditor app is not patching the game files properly. Try downloading apkEditor from Play store and follow the same procedure again.

    • Hey Shivam, you can download the APK file instead. Just scroll down to the end of the tutorial, and you will find the download link there.

  5. Please provide invisible png image and some cool background images on the site instead of sending it to individual emails.plz.
    I have tried changing background with png file of same dimensions but just before starting battle, the game shuts down.
    Sir plz help

    • We have provided a download link for the APK in the post so there is no need of “invisible png” if you are unable to place it by yourself. Regarding the background image, everyone has a different taste, Milan. We have explained the procedure and you can go work accordingly to place it, if not then mail us the background image of your choice and we will do it.

  6. after editing when I click on save button then apk editor pro shows the sign of wrong like X it is not saving the apk

    • That’s because you already have an apk by the name “gen_signed.apk” in the “temp” folder under APKeditor. Remove or place this file somewhere else to create a new apk file.

  7. Hi Admin,
    I love playing with your mods. But I have still not tried the invisible mod. Plz, send me the link.

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  10. Hello admin, I tried editing the photo for invisible with ms paint but it didn’t work. can u please send me the edited image to my email plz.

    • Place the edited image in the APKeditor folder in phone memory and browse to the location from the editor. After replacing compile and see if that works.

    • Place the edited image in the APKeditor folder in phone memory and browse to the location from the editor. After replacing, compile and see if that works.

    • Double check the image before replacing to see if the Avatar is visible or not. If the picture looks fine, go through the article one more time so that you don’t miss a step.

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    Also, how to become Commander in Chief – if a modded app already?

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    • Select any avatar using the selection tool and press delete. Don’t alter the positions of avatars. Finally, save it with .png extension.

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    • Hey Jeromine, I will send you the image to become invisible in Mini Militia. I edited the pic in Photoshop you may try the same if you want.

      • Hey, the file you sent me, I did all the save and replacement, everything man.
        But I’m still visible…I spent hours working on it.
        Customizing by seeing the pic you sent me is not helping me as I need to see in the gallery and do it …
        Again once I test by getting in front of a doodle they shoot normally and I get killed I’m not viSible here man
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    • Make sure you don’t have any file placed in the APK editor > tmp folder.
      Remove if there is something and then try.
      Image is on it’s way to your inbox.
      Thanks for visiting

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  20. Hello Admin, I tried it minimum 10 times with unlimited life hack and mod and only with mini militia but it was not working. I also tried changing the game icon using Pics Art editor but when I use apk editor and paste the picture that I edited and then I saved that and when I installed the game, the whole game was changed all the introductory part are not in words, it looks like all players head and many other things got messed up but when i start the game my players are in many designs like some ones head and the jungle map or it just look like a gun …plzzz send me that pic what u use to hide…plz.

    • Make sure you save the picture in .PNG format. I used Photoshop cs6 for editing.
      Try it one more time by going through each step mentioned in the article and see if it works.
      Thanks for visiting.

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    Dude i want to do it my own,can u plz fix it.

    1 save .png file
    2 Edit whatever you want
    3 Fix the image resolution same as original .png image.
    4 Replace it with the original image.
    5 Save and install.
    Are all steps ok?

      • That’s probably because you messed up the menuTexture.png file.
        You will get the image on the mail id you provided. Please check it and respond if you still get the issues.
        Thanks for visiting Kamal.

    • Well Manohar, you have go through the article in order to customize the Doodles and add your face in place of the default one.
      If you want to get the invisible hack and new avatar faces hack. I will send it to you.
      Enjoy the Game 🙂

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    • Meet, the image has been sent to your mail with the invisible avatar. Additionally I have added a few more avatar. If you liked them do respond here.

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    • Aakash please check your inbox. The invisible hack image has been sent to the email id you provided.
      Thanks for visiting

    • Hello Visha, we will soon share a tutorial on increasing battle points and health. Keeping visiting, Bookmark the website in your browser.

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