Mini Militia bomb hack

Mini Militia Unlimited Bomb Hack

Mini Militia bomb hack
Green Gas Bomb Hack

How about a fight that involves only the use of Grenades, Sensor Mines, and green gas bombs.

Wouldn’t that be interesting?
Yeah definitely.

But there is a problem!
In this game bombs are limited in numbers, we can carry at most four at a time.

Not a problem, has compiled an unlimited bomb hack version for you.

This hack is a modified version of the original app that lets you throw an infinite number of bombs at your opponent. On top of that, this hack has unlimited sensor mines (aka Proximity mines) which blasts off players that are in a radius of 10 meters(according to game’s scale).
player throwing green gas bomb and proximity mines in outpost map.
A player throwing many Green Gas bomb and Proximity mines in outpost map.

Types of Bombs in Mini Militia

You will get to throw as many of these undermentioned bombs by using this hack.

  • Grenades: Pull out the pin and throw them quickly and boom! Your rivalry on the floor in pieces.
  • Green gas bombs: These bombs spread toxic chemicals in the air that instantly kills the opponent.
  • Sensor Bombs or Proximity Mines or Timer Bombs: These bombs stick to objects around it like walls or floor, once another doodle gets near them they explode. One important thing to remember about sensor mines in Mini Militia is that they disappear after 1 minute of implantation if they do not get exploded.

Features of this Hack

  • Version 4.1.1: Build on top of the latest version by replacing the file by a hacked version that includes several types of explosives.
  • Unlimited Sensor Mines: As can be seen in the picture at the beginning of the post that there are
  • Unlimited gas grenades: Create a cloud of a protective toxic layer to defend yourself from enemies.
  • Extra Jetpack: Fly and plant all the bombs without worrying about running out of fuel.
  • Unlimited Ammo: Adds an extra crunch to the fun.
  • Mini Militia pro pack enabled: Enjoy the extra features.
A player using Pro Pack and unlimited bombs is defeating other players.
Best Mod with Pro Pack so far to play without guns.

Note: You won’t get the sensor mines initially in the game but once you pick one up from the map they will become unlimited, and you can plant as many as you like.

Installation Procedure

How to install the Bomb Hack apk on your Android and iOS smartphone:

  • Remove the current version of Mini Militia from your phone and clean the temporary files.
  • Download the hack apk from the google drive link given below.
  • Don’t let the play store run while you download the hack. This will help in removing potential errors arising during gameplay
  • Install the mod/hack apk permitting it to have access to some of the device resources.

Download the APK

Doodle Army 2: Mini Militia Bomb Hack Mod Download
doodle army 2 health hack
File Name: Mini Militia Bomb Hack
File Size: 45.8 MB
Developers: Appsomanics LLC
Genre: Action

Please make sure that you have sufficient space on your device for storing and installing the modded apk.

Best use of Green Gas and Sensor Bombs

Sensible and strategical use of Sensor bombs is a be significant factor in winning or losing a Mini Militia match. These crucial strategies are worth mentioning and implementing, and we are going to share a few of them here:

  • Plant Proximity mines behind bushes and between tunnels in maps like Outpost and Catacomb. If someone tries to hide or run through them, Dead he is.
  • Unlike grenades where there is latency between the throw and explosion, Mines explode as soon as they come in contact with other players.
  • Make the gas bomb explode and points of respawning.

How to dodge Sensor Mines

Dodge sensor mines by using EMP (Electro-Magnetic Pulse) gun. EMP not only damages the jetpack but also makes planted mines explode. Watch out for potential areas where these mines could have been placed.

dodging mines using emp trick
Destroy bombs and other explosives using EMP gun

Dodge regular grenades by running opposite to the throw direction or crouch down for reducing the impact of the explosion.

For in-depth knowledge of tips and tricks please visit this page here.


Quickly going by the post, we got to know about the Bomb hack of Mini Militia with its different types that include but not limited to Green gas bombs, Mines, and regular grenades. Cheats are also included in the images above.

The hack we talked about also included Dual Gun with unlimited ammo and was pretty easy to install once we learned the steps of doing so. This mod does not include unlimited health as the fight we talked about in the first para won’t be possible.

Keep visiting and subscribe to download lots of other Mini Militia Mods. Comment below for suggestions and queries.

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    • Please find the download box with the link to the apk file in the middle of the post. We have thoroughly explained the download process.

  1. Thank you admin. Please create a mod which has pro pack + unlimited jet + unlimited bombs (no unlimited amo, no unlimited health). Trust me everyone will love this. Thank you.

  2. I having troubles killing ppl they don’t die I tried many things guns bomb everything they don’t only me it affected …

  3. Sir I want a mod that have 7x zoom, 4x faster avatar, default bomb as saw and proxy or time bomb and unlimited ammo ,bomb and nitro. Please please do something

  4. Yaar … Mainey Apk Download to kar liya hai but install nahi ho raha hai…Kya jo game mere Mobile main pehley se install hai ussey delet karna padega bhai…?

  5. sir, I need unlimited ammo, nitro, bomb, dual wield and pro pack unlock and one shot killed.
    without health hack

    please give me at my email.

  6. how can i fire gas bomb it comes always in seqence at 4 number wasting 3 grenade to use gax.why cany we hac a separate button for gas and time help how to use gas and time without wasting greade prior

    • Rohit, you don’t have to throw all the grenades to use the gas bombs. Just tap on the bomb icon near the Guns panel on the top right corner of the screen.

    • Bicky, you have to get the Gas bomb from the STORE under SETTINGS. There are enough battle points available in the Mod to get the Green Gas Bomb. Once you get them from there they will not exhaust.
      Hope it helps.


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