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Dr. Parking 4 Mod APK – Park with perfection

dr parking to park cars

Over 1000 miles on the Odo and I bet you still struggle at parking.

Parking is one of those skills that require a lot of time to master.

Even if it has to be done in a game with a top view of the vehicle.

Dr. Parking, a game by SUD Inc., turns this everyday struggle into an interesting video game. The game has been derived out of “Speed Parking”, a mission in the original Dr. Driving Game.

Dr. Driving has various missions like Speed Parking, Broken Brake; Drift; Speed; Speed (Highway); VIP Escort which made it popular among the masses.

Speed Parking came out to be the most preferred choice of the players.

Dr. Parking Mod APK

SUD Inc. saw a huge opportunity here and came out with Dr. Parking 4, an entirely different game that only has various parking modes and missions. Each mission challenges the players to perform angle parking, perpendicular parking and parallel parking which makes the game hard to play. Dr. Parking 4 mod is a variation of the original game which makes it easy to park the car in complex situations by giving you access to resources like unlimited fuel, time and cars with better handling. Once exhausted, these resources take time to replenish. With Dr. Parking 4 mod APK, every such problem comes to a halt as the mod provides unlimited resources.

Dr. Parking 4 Unlocked Mod APK

Dr. Parking 4 is a succession to the popular Dr. Parking. Rated at 4.4 stars out of 5 on the Google PlayStore, the game has more than 50 million downloads. The minimal design, decent graphics, and small app size are some of the reasons that this is one of the most downloaded simulator games on PlayStore. Though it comes free via PlayStore, there are some locked content and in-app purchases in the game, all of which, can be unlocked using Dr. Parking 4 mod apk.


Dr. Parking 4 mod comes with a ton of loaded features. Following are the best and most recognizable:

Unlimited coins
Unlimited Coins
You earn coins in Dr. Parking 4 while driving in the game and after completing new levels. These coins are used to buy cars, repair them and a bunch of other stuff. Dr. Parking 4 comes with unlimited coins so you don’t have to worry about where you spend your coins.
No damage

No Car Damage

The car deals damage when you ram it into the walls, barricades or other cars. Erstwhile, you have to spend coins on its repair and service. This becomes no problem as Dr. Parking 4 mod apk comes with no car damage feature. No matter how much the car takes damage, you don’t have to spend money on its repair.
Unlimited Fuel

Unlimited fuel

Over are those times when you had to wait for the fuel meter to get full for playing the game as this Dr Parking 4 mod apk comes with unlimited fuel. With unlimited fuel, you can play as much as you want without any waiting time.

Better Simulation

Dr. Parking 4 is considered to be one of the best car simulator game. I have personally played the game and I can approve of this. With Dr. Parking 4 mod apk, the simulation gets even better and the overall handling improves. No more drifting into the walls now 
increased speed

Increased Top Speed

If you have noticed, the cars in the game don’t go over a certain speed. This is because the top speed is restricted to a certain limit in the game. Dr. Parking 4 mod apk will solve this problem as it comes packed with increased top speed for each car.
Unlocked car

Unlocked Cars

One of the best features Dr Parking 4 mod apk has to offer is, the mod comes with all cars unlocked. You don’t need to play an infinite number of games to unlock a better car, drive the best car in the lot right away.

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Download Dr. Parking Mod

www.MiniMilitia.org Mods
Dr. Parking 4 logo
File Name:Dr-Driving-mod.apk
File Size:14.1 MB
Developers:SUD Inc.
Genre:Adventure Racing

Apart from your Android device, you can also enjoy this game on your PC. All you have to do is download Bluestacks on your pc from here.

After downloading Bluestacks on your PC, load the Dr. Parking 4 mod apk and install it normally. Enjoy the game on a bigger screen.

Beware of fake mods
With all the mods coming down in the market, beware of fake mods and scan for viruses. Do not download mods from a non-trusted source. Also, SUD Inc, the creator of the game has not released any game like Dr. Parking 6, do not be lured into downloading such games, they can be virus or remote access tools.

Our recommendation of Similar Games

1. Real Car Parking 2

Apart from a massive size of 185 MB as compared to other games in a similar genre, this game is loaded with tons of real-life features like rear-view windows, parking sensor for parallel parking, realistic cars and sounds, detailed interiors and car customization.

2. Dr. Driving 2

A game from the same publisher as of Dr. Parking 4, the game provides stunning graphics, challenging multi-stage levels and real-time online multiplayer. Packed in a compact size of just 19 MB, it is also listed under the editors’ choice on Google PlayStore. As the creator says, “Not a racing game, but a driving game”.

3. Dr. Driving

A game that started the era of car simulation games, this game is quite minimal and low on graphics, but it will test your driving skills like crazy because the controls are less calibrated as compared to other simulator games.

4. Extreme Car Driving

Extreme details in the graphics make this game a go-to choice for people who love playing car steering games without compromising on game-play quality. The game features 8 track races, 25 cars, and a freeway drive. Extreme Car Driving mod apk provides features like Dr. Parking 4 mod along with a few customizable tracks.

With all that said, I hope that the Dr. Parking 4 mod apk does not fall back on your expectation.

Drive like crazy.

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