Double gun any weapon with unlimited ammo

Mini Militia Double Gun With Unlimited Ammo and Nitro – Latest Update

What if you could hold any two weapons like dual missile launchers or a sniper rifle with AK47 at once?

Man! that would be so cool, holding a combination of any weapon in Mini Militia.

Holding two guns at a time is known by the term Dual Wield in Military. Dual Wielding is holding two weapons, one in each hand during combat.
Mini Militia Double Gun Hack
A player using Shot Gun and Rocket launcher to defeat the opponent.t.

By default Mini Militia app lets you use only certain weapons in dual mode. These weapons are:

  • Uzi
  • Magnum and Pistol
  • Desert Eagle
  • Machete

Wielding these guns makes sense as they are light in weight and easy to fire. But with a double gun Mod you can hold a combination of any of the 15 guns available in Mini Militia APK file plus the latest gun Trevor Tar-21.

Features of Mini Militia Double Gun Mod

Double gun any weapon with unlimited ammo
Saw Cutter and EMP gun in dual wield mode. Catacomb Map first Respawn Point.

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  • Unlimited Ammunition: We have added the latest Mini Militia Mega Mod with two versions. One of which comes with infinite ammo and other without it. You can download either of these from APK download links below.
  • Version 3.0.27: Latest version with Ad banner shifted to the right.
  • Pro Pack: Added all the features of the Doodle Army 2 Pro Pack to let you pick any weapon or buy them from Game Store.
  • No Unlimted Health: Having dual guns is enough in this Mod. We decided not to add infinite health Hack to give other players a chance to defeat you as well.
  • Dual Gun Mod: The prominent thing about Mini Militia 2 guns Mod is its ability to let players pick and fire with any gun present in any of the Game Maps. Your primary weapon will fire more frequently than the secondary weapon. Zoom will work based on your primary weapon in the left hand.

This hack has a limited number of features as Dual Wielding of weapons is in itself a great advantage. If you feel that Double Gun Mod should have some extra features to make it more interesting, you can comment at the bottom of this guide to let us know. Your suggestions are what makes us come out with great Mini Militia APKs.

Installation Guide

Installing double gun hack apk

We created this hack by modification of the library files that make the compressed apk file. While doing so, we made sure that an end-user like you does not have to go through many complicated steps in installing Double Gun with unlimited ammo mod. So just by following the very well known process of application installation, you can have this Mod on your smartphone.

  1. Remove the current version of Mini Militia and clean the junk files so that you can play Mini Militia flawlessly.
  2. Download the Double fun Mod apk from this page. The link given here is a direct link, and you won’t be redirected to any random website.
  3. Install the Downloaded apk and tap on Update later if prompted.

Download Mini Militia Double Gun Dual Wield Mod

Doodle Army 2: Mini Militia Double Gun with Unlimited Ammo Hack
doodle army 2 health hack
File Name: Mini Militia Dual Gun
File Size: 45.8 MB
Developers: Appsomanics LLC
Version: v4.1.1 (Updating)

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Please do not update the app or you will lose the Dual Wielding capability in the game. Just tap on LATER any time you are prompted to update the app. The APK provides the best experience in the LAN WIFI mode.

The given Double Gun app is from Google drive and is free from viruses and malware. If you are running on a slow internet connection, your download may get interrupted sometimes. If you continuously face the issue, comment down to seek help.

Issues with Mini Militia Double Gun Hack

With every hack, there is almost always some problems associated whether its bugs or glitches. The Double Gun Hack also faces an issue where the other players hang in mid-air when your avatar dual-wields some of the weapons present in the game. Sometimes the guns even stop working and the Mod freezes. This bug occurs in both the variations with and without unlimited ammo.

Mini Militia 2 Guns Mod faces this issue on some selected devices that run on older Qualcomm-based smartphones. With the next version of Doodle Army 2, we expect the problem to be resolved.

This hack is best experienced in the LAN wifi hotspot mode, and no lagging occurs as it does in the Quick Play mode.

Update: The bug has been partly removed from the mod. Now you, the app will not freeze. Also, the iOS version of this hack has been created and uploaded on the site.

How to Make Best Use of Double Gun Mod APK

The Mini Militia, 2 weapons hack, works best when you choose the right combination of the guns. Take for example a Sniper Rifle and Shot Gun these two weapons in their hacked Mod lets you zoom up to 7x, and the other one takes down the opponent quickly. Another good example is using two AK47 simultaneously. AK47 has a 4x zoom and high damaging bullets.

best dual wield combination in Mini Militia

The above examples are to give you an insight into how destructing this Double Gun Mod APK can be. It all depends on you which sort of weapon you want to use. You can try them in your way without worrying about the ammunition as this hack comes with unlimited ammo.

An important thing to note, the gun handled in the left hand by the Doodle won’t be as sharp to aim as the one in the right side. So choose both the weapons according to their area of impact.


We request all players who download the Double Gun Hack not to overuse it in the online play of Mini Militia. We here at do not in any way, support the disruption caused to players playing fair in the game. Theses modified apps are to give you a taste of how it feels to get access to the limited and hidden features of Doodle Army 2 game.

Play Fair and Enjoy the game!

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    • Players with Mod can never play with the original app users. The developers have created two separate servers one of which is QP, it serves original app users while QP.MOD serves players with the tweaked app.

  1. Admin plz : I need unlimited amo,naitro,and I want to bring all weapons. Bt I don’t need the Bach 99/iOS/ I want to hide 99 XP. All players knows xp-99 is a hack they boot us!
    Thanks!plz send download link as it possible!

    • I can do it if u want i know how to fake skills online amd multiplayer mode
      If u have like 99xp…..i can make others see like 35 xp instead of 99xp but ur skills will stay same for u but for them it will be 35xp

  2. Add unlimited nitro plzzz
    Without that d game is has lost its fun
    Fix it as soon as possible
    Remaining everything is nice
    Add this factor as soon as possible

  3. Plz tell me how do u make any weapon dual wield plz I am a mini militia hacker also but there is some bug if you check out my sites and tell me how u do it achillemrhacker

  4. Hey admin i was wondering if u can make a mod especially for group of people who want to enjoy it to themselves only and u did a gr8 job creating these btw but plz can u make a mod similar to my req we will be very thnkful to u for that…here goes the details unlimited (mine bomb + ammo + duel weild any weapon + jetpack + 5 INTO speed of health recharging ) it will be a epic mod to have thnks in advance my gmail account is [email protected]

  5. Add plz ultimate booms,nitro,hd mod,ultimate ammo,one shoot kill,new man and maps but i also dont like ultimate health plz dont put it but add dual gun and all store item unlocked.if you make my recommended minimilitia apk then notify me i will support you on facebook,twiter and vote you.

  6. Admin,
    I’m Facing prob with different version of mini militia. I Installed it succefully in my new HTC Desire 10 pro device (Android version 6.0, marshmallow). But Problem is guns are not firing. Granade, time bombs are ok. But No guns are firing. If any help available please kindly reply me. my mail id is – [email protected]

  7. I installed the application but when i play the game i can’t Fire bullets my device is vivo v5s Android 6.0 marshmallow please help me

  8. Pls make me unlimited ammo jetpack life and make me have 2 guns and when they get guns make sure they have 0 ammo

  9. Hlo frndz , I am using unlimited ammo and nitro mod, some of my friends can use double gun but some friends can’t use double,pls help me to use double gun in this mod. Reply fast..

    • We have the one shot mod on our website you check out the “Hacks and Mods” category to download it. Otherwise just search for it on google and find the link from

  10. In this hack everything is awsm thats what i want but there is one problem in this mod i cant kill any one ….
    when i was playing miltiplayer or online i cant kill anyone that means damage 0 fix this

  11. Plz, sir, I want a mod having dual wield weapon with unlimited boost. Please, can you send it to my email?

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    This a request of Mini Militia original lover.

  13. It’s not working bro please confirm all post before publishing… I need unlimited ammo, fly, no reload, unlimited nitro. But not unlimited health pls mail them to me.


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