BombSquad Unlimited Free Tickets and Health

BombSquad Mod APK – Unlimited Tickets, Health and Characters (Download)

BombSquad Unlimited Free Tickets and Health

Multi-player action games and their mods have always been popular among gamers no matter what the platform is, be it the days of path-breaking eight bit-gaming or modern day gaming where your phone itself can be used as a gaming device. One such game is Bombsquad which has become quite popular in recent times, garnering over 10 million downloads on Google Play. Add a million more to it that the game has received in the form of BombSquad Mod APK.

It appears to be a simple game where all you have to do to win is eliminate your opponent by hurling bombs at them. Sounds quite simplistic, right? However, it isn’t as easy as it sounds as your opponents are constantly moving. So, the correct calculation of distance, direction and your opponents’ speed is a must.

Well, this is not a gameplay review, which it appears to be until now. We are here to tell you about the different BombSquad Mod Apk’s for Android like the one with unlimited tickets and health and share all the necessary information about them. The modded APK version of BombSquad allows you to play the game as per your convenience. This medium is, therefore, more preferred over the basic version of the game. You can download the Bombsquad cracked APK, which is the pre-modded version of the game from here.

Information on Modded APK version of BombSquad

BombSquad Mod 1.4.146 works on Android, Macintosh operating system as well as on Ouya gaming console. Because over 90% of this games download come from Android, we have only shared APK as of now.

BombSquad Mod 1.4.146

Application Name:BombSquadMod.apk
File Size:51.8 MB
Developers:Eric Froemling
CategoryAction Game
Updated on:04.11.2018

Installation Procedure

  1. Download the APK file from the link given above.
  2. Uninstall any BombSquad related application like BombSquad Remote, BombSquad Game.
  3. Clear any leftover files through SD Maid Pro. (Recommended)
  4. Locate BombSquad apk file in your downloads directory.
  5. Install the app by allowing installation from unknown sources.

Types of BombSquad Mods

Types of BombSquad Mods

BombSquad receives support from the developer’s official website which makes it easier to create and publish mods. You can tweak the game, add your own mini-games, characters, or modify the whole set without having to worry about getting flagged. The only shortfall is that you need to have a good understanding of Python APIs used in the game.
In order to make it simpler, we have created a mod with four changes that will give you access to unlimited health, tickets, bombs, and customization of character and map.

1. Unlimited Health Mod

Imagine! while playing the game you are close to victory and all of a sudden with the blow of a
bomb your health deteriorate and eventually you die.

Who doesn’t love invincibility? The sheer joy of never dying in the game despite taking the blow of a thousand bombs hurled at your character. Sounds amazing, right? The mod allows you the privilege to enjoy unlimited health in the game. Invincibility beckoning!

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2. Unlimited Tickets Mod

In BombSquad you will need tickets to unlock the characters and new battlefields, for purchasing bombs, reviving your health and others. BombSquad mod APK with Unlimited Tickets enable the user to make full use of all the features of the game. These tickets allow the purchase and customization of characters available in the store, as per liking. You wouldn’t have to wait to win battles only to earn a handful of tickets, which limits the powers of a user, as they can avail only a limited number of things with them. Also, you don’t have to use online ticket generators

 that don’t help in most of the cases.

3. Unlimited Bombs Mod

The user gets access to unlimited bombs which can be used to one’s advantage in the game. The unlimited bombs mean the user will never run out of ammo and will always have the edge over the other player/ players, irrespective of the mode in which they are playing in.

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4. All Characters Unlocked

This allows the user to all the characters present in the game with the help of the mod. One can also customize and create characters as per their own choice, which adds a personalized touch to this already fantastic game.

Features of BombSquad Mod APK

Features of BombSquad mod apk

  • One of the most important features of any application is its user-friendliness, e. the ease of using at least the basic features of the game. This game delivers upon the user interface and makes it accessible to users who are not ardent gamers or do not have much technical expertise.
  • There are a huge number of different modes in which the users are allowed to play in, which makes sure that the game doesn’t get monotonous as it exposes the users to a variety of new experiences which can be quite exciting.
  • This game connects you to online servers, where you are allowed to connect to multiple users for an enthralling session of gameplay. This game allows users to compete with eight users at one point in time, who can be your friends or anonymous gamers from across the globe. However, you can also access the game offline and play against the computer.
  • In places where internet connectivity isn’t good, one can create a private hotspot along with their friends and give this game a go.
  • This game comes with android TV connectivity, which enables the user to enjoy the game on the big screen and have a grand gaming experience.
  • The BombSquad Mod with free unlimited tickets gives a whole new gaming experience to the users. It can be used to purchase anything or upgrading your player to have the edge over other gamers.
  • The customization feature enables the users to choose a battleground as per their convenience. One can also create characters matching one’s personality. All in all, this gives a more personalized touch to the game.

Final Words

The Mod APK version of the game cuts down the waiting time to unlock different difficulty levels in the game. It has a lot of unlocked features, which are available right at the beginning of the game. This helps the user to have a great gaming experience. Unlimited tickets and coins give you an edge over other players. Hence, the user should go for the cracked version of the game rather than the basic one.

Happy Gaming!

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