Mini Militia Unlimited Everything – All in One Mod [Download]

Mini Militia Unlimited Everything, All in one Mod
Download Mini Militia All in one, Mega mod with extensive features.

Seriously, It’s a heck of a job to find and download a version of Mini Militia that has your favourite hack combinations all patched up together as a single unit(apk).

Either you will find a hack that has unlimited nitro and ammo or a hack that allows you to Dual Wield any gun but does not support unlimited health.

Whatever the case may be, you end up playing the game half-heartedly.

A better option is to download a hack that has everything unlimited or has all types of mods. This mod is better known by the name Mega Mod or Ultra Mod.

We at thought of coming up with an all in one mod that solves the problems.

Features of Mini Militia All in One Mega Mod

Features of all in one mod
List of things you get with Mini Militia all in one hack.

This Unlimited Everything Mini Militia mod features a varied set of enhancements to the original app. Once the mod is downloaded and given the right permissions to operate on the player’s phone, it can improve both on EXP and battle points. Once you start collecting points and reach a threshold of 5000 battle points, you can reorganise the apk to have Mini Militia Pro Pack features in it.

  • Unlimited JetPack: Fly as high, and as long you want with infinity boosters.
  • Capture the Flag: Includes the latest version 4.036 with CTF features in offline and custom play. You can download the original CTF APK here.
  • Unlimited Ammo: Never run out of ammunition in any gun you pick. No empty gun issue.
  • Wall Hack: Fly through walls, stones and every possible block in your way. Shoot through walls.
  • Dual Wield: Pick any pair of gun/weapon with 7x zoom by default.
  • Unlimited Bombs: Throw infinite grenades of any type.
  • Battle Points: Enough points to purchase anything from the stores.
  • One Shot Kill: Kill with a single shot with One shot kill feature.
  • Invisible Mod: Turn on this feature to hide from other players.
  • Magic Zoom 7x: Zoom up to 7x in all weapons. You will get the default zooming capability, and the last zoom level will be 7x.
  • Fake your device: Your device will be an imitation of iPhone(iOS) i.e. to others it will look as if you were playing on an iPhone.
  • Gravity: Float in the air as if there were no gravity.
  • All in one Mega Mod apk with and without unlimited health: Download and try both of these versions.

In case we miss out any feature, let us know by commenting at the end of this post. We will try to update the post with the suggestion as soon as possible.

Installation Procedure

Installing the Unlimited Everything hack is as easy as installing the regular Doodle Army 2 app from play store. Although the app has every mod that you have seen so far over the internet integrated into one apk, you don’t have to make any extra efforts to get it downloaded and working on your device.

Combo hack installation procedure

The app works on most of the devices running on iOS and Android version 3.0 and above. We recommend you to at least have Android KitKat with 1GB RAM(recommended) to make the app run flawlessly.

Follow these steps to download the hack:

  • If you already have Mini Militia installed on your device then uninstall it first. The uninstallation is not always required but not doing so may cause parse errors on a few devices.
  • Swap off unrequired apps from the RAM to make space for the installation wizard.
  • Head over to the DOWNLOADS section on this page and download the “Mini_Militia_all_Hacks.apk” from the google drive link. You might not see the download progress bar if your internet connection is slow. We recommend using Google Chrome or UC Browser for downloading.
  • Open your downloads folder and tap on Mini Militia icon to start the installation process. You may be prompted with a pop-up indicating: “Installation blocked”, allow the app to install from settings.
  • Once the Mini Militia unlimited everything is installed disconnect your device from the internet and open the app. Once the options panel is displayed, you can connect to the web.

Note: You might be asked to update the “Unlimited Everything” application the first time you open the app. Here just tap on “LATER” option.

Download Mini Militia Unlimited Everything and All in One Mod

Doodle Army 2: Mini Militia All in One Mod Download
doodle army 2 health hack
File Name: Mini Militia Unlimited Everything*
File Size: 48.94 MB
Developers: Appsomanics LLC
Version: v3.0.147/v4.0.36
Download CTF

Also Download: Mini Militia Death Sprayer

You may see a blank page when trying to download the file in some cases, to avoid it download the file from Google Drive app.

Tap on the download button, and you will be directed to Google Drive download page. On the page click on “Download Anyway” to unlock the application file.

We have included two versions of “Unlimited Everything”, one with unlimited health and another one without it.

*Latest guns and EMP bomb will be added soon.

Note: You won’t be able to join the regular application users on the quick play section and will be directed to another server where most of the players already have some sort of hack. The isolation of Moded app users was done to be fair to the original Mini Militia players. We request you not to play with this type of hack and better switch to the apk from PlayStore.

Why Download the All in one Mod

We at thought of creating the all in one Mod when we started getting a lot of requests from our subscribers. Every day we were getting almost 5-10  request for providing a download link for Mini Militia Mod Package. To the developer’s group, this seemed to be an interesting hack to be made.

It’s a tedious task to check out each of the available Mini Militia Mod on the internet, and you never know if the hacked apk you downloaded contains the exact features as mentioned on the website.

With the all in one, everything unlimited mod you can enjoy the features of each type of mod available on the internet in a single ready to install APK file.

As of now, there are no issues in the application, and all guns are working fine with no reload problem. The game doesn’t crash on most of the smartphones we tested it on. The Mod we have released is so far the most stable version of all Unlimited Hacks apk.

New Capture the Flag (CTF) Hack Included

Recently the developers at Appsomanics LLC added a new feature to Mini Militia called Capture the Flag. This new edition includes a twist to the regular Matches in a way that now you have to carry your opponents flag from their response point to yours. For each flag successfully transferred your team gets a point.

The CTF mode is quite difficult to play so we have created a hack in which you get all the features of earlier published hack apk. Update your Mini Militia apk to get the features of this mod.

For more updates on Mini Militia – Doodle Army 2, stay tuned with and do check out our Facebook Page.

Mini Militia Unlimited Everything – All in One Mod [Download]
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  1. Give me link of unlimited Heath,bullet speed,ammo,move inside the walls and many more with pro pack…thanks for your support and encouragement..I already bought it but I can’t use it in your nod apk

  2. Hi admin, can you tell me what are the mod features of your mini militia CTF? and is this pro pack unlocked?
    And do you also have mini militia CTF mod without invisible and without unlimited health, reply pls.

    • Hey there
      The CTF mod features have been listed in detail in the post.
      And about the mod you are requesting, please enlist all the features you want in the mod.
      Please note that we won’t provide pro pack features in the mod if you want those features please first buy pro pack from google play.

    • Yeah sure, the hack you are talking about is known by the name “Undetectable Hack” you can either google it and the first link will be from or you directly search on this website.

  3. Could you please tell us more about this game like how to make such games in Android. I Know Core Java, is that enough for making a game like Mini Militia. I have been playing this game for a year now and never got bored of it.

    Thank you for sharing information.

    • Hey Adil,
      Good to know that you like Mini Militia. We are not the actual developers of this game, Mini Militia is a property of Appsomniacs. As far as we know Core Java is not enough for developing this game or even creating hacks out of it.I suggest you better go for Advanced java core and then try out your hands on it.

  4. Hi admin
    Please please make a mod of new modern version of mini militia in which:
    No reload
    Unlimited fly power
    Double guns
    Unlimited bombs
    Thank u please make with new version please thank u

    • Just head over to downloads section under the heading “Download Mini Militia All in one mod” and you will find two download buttons, tap on any one of them according to your choice.(The download buttons are somewhere in the middle of the post).

  5. Hi Admin, Thank you for this Amazing Hack 🙂
    As you said I bought the Pro Pack from the official Play Store link, can I now get Pro Pack features with this unlimited hack apk?

  6. Hi Admin,
    I am trying to download via your link provider in comments, still it’s showing fail to download.
    Would you please send me a download link for hacked version for IOS


  7. Admin this link is not install my mobile Lenovo k6 power i can download but it can’t be install so plzzz help me plzzzzsend message in my message plzz

    • You don’t have to do anything to enable invisible mode in the app it’s done by default. Only you can see yourself in the game. Just make sure no one reaches your avatars vudu doll 😉

  8. Downloaded the unlimited life and everything unlimited hack.
    Guys, I suggest you make some more interesting hacks… I just love your site…
    Mini Militia is LOVE <3

  9. Working Awesome.
    Please add more features to the CTF hack v4.0.36. The hack download link given here works great with Outpost and Hightower map.

  10. Admin sir plz create a pure hack of Mini Militia. The hack should include unlimited bullets, bombs and jetpacks. Also please tell me what programming language should I learn to create game hacks.
    Plz reply soon

    • Hey Louie,
      Google Drive can’t show the preview of APK files that’s why you see “No preview available” on the download page.
      When you will tap on “Download” you will be asked to “Complete action using” any of the available browsers or Google Drive app. Just tap on any one of the browsers (Google Chrome Recommended) and your hack will start downloading.
      Hope that helps.

  11. Hello Admin, I have downloaded lots of hacks from your site, thank you for that. But their one issue I am unable to download to all in one hack. I click on download button and it takes me to Google Drive but doesn’t download. Please help me out with it.

    • We have added all the hacks to Google Drive because it provides higher download speeds for the apk files. Also, Google Drive download pages are ad-free. It is recommended that you download the hacks with good internet connection.

  12. This game is the best hack ever.
    This hack is like “Mega Mod + All in one”. The only downside is that it does not have Pro Pack hack feature in it.

    • We are trying to be fair to the developers by not adding Pro Pack Hack, and there is no need of having Pro Players hack as a feature because now you can get it just by viewing a video ad inside the game. The developers have also added a way by which you can get Pro Pack for free by sharing your devices idle resources. You should try this free version.

  13. Hi please send the apk. I tried downloading the hack from Sahad ikr’s website but it takes me to other pages with no download link. Here I found the link but my internet connection is very slow…
    Reduce this hack’s size so that everybody can download it.

    • Hey Arun, You will get a mail with the apk attached to it.
      May I know what problem are you facing when downloading the game from the given link.

  14. hi admin.. I’m from bangladesh.. and I use ur amazing hack version..
    bt I feel a little problem.. when I play in online then I can fly. bt my original body is standing only one place. and the place is on the left side of the ground.. and many players find me easily and shoot again and again… then I can’t play.
    coz he shoots me continuously… I got life but he kills me in a few seconds. what can I do.. plz help me
    And Thank You for the hack.

    • Hey Rupom,
      This was done to give other players a chance to defeat you as well. Otherwise, the game would have lost all the fun.
      If you would like to have another apk without this feature, we will be happy to mail you.

  15. Please I wasn’t able to find the download link. Can u help me send the link to my inbox or better still help me send the apk. Thanks

    • Simran, the download link is present under the heading “Download Mini Militia Unlimited Everything”
      Please find it in the post.

  16. Could u pls help me in downloading everything unlimited apk i am unable to download the game pls send me direct link so that i can download the game……

  17. Dear sir plz provide me link for that version of mini militia 2 where i get unlimited ammo, nitro, no reload, no flying through walls, no transparent bush, all weapons unlocked and no lastly no unlimited life plz sir

  18. admin mini militia everything is not downloading. Why i am facing this problem? Whenever I click on download it popups to somewhere other on google drive.

  19. Please include pro pack in this mod. Mini Militia pro pack lets us pick any weapon in the online game. It is not needed in the offline game but for online it is a must. I have paid for Pro pack on Play store, now include it for me in this hack.

  20. Why do we need to hack Mini Militia? I know that hacking this game gives a lot of good enhancements but sometimes it becomes annoying.
    I and all my friends either use the original app or the same hacked apk while playing together over wifi. This puts the game on the level for each of us.

    • That’s because you already have Mini Militia installed on your device and you are trying to install another.
      Remove the existing game app and then install the mod apk.

  21. Uhhhmmm sir..? Do you have a mod that have dual gun ,unlimited nitro,ammo but it could die and it could not pass a wall etc.

  22. Admin.. I could not pick sniper, rocket lancher and flame thrower.. also i did not get dual wield.. ..When I try to pick up Sniper it says to.. you are required to upgrade… ..Help me.

    • Hello Abdul
      We haven’t included Pro Pack as of now, you can read the reason for the same in post. Let us know if you still need it.

    • Yeah Right Vibhor
      Just tap on the Green colored download button under the heading “Download Mini Militia Unlimited Everything” which you can find somewhere in between the post.

  23. Battle Points are not enough to buy everything,
    dual guns are not available it says pro pack required,
    one shot kill is not working.
    otherwise game is awesome

    • Hi Atul,
      We have checked the application, Battle Points and Dual guns are working fine. We haven’t added pro pack as it’s not fair to the developers. If you buy pro pack then we can let you have all these features in the pro pack application.

  24. It is a very useful hack..but Sir, I can’t pick up the rocket launcher, sniper, flame thrower and that white circular saw toothed wheel (don’t know its name). It says to.. you need to upgrade for online using these weapons… ..Something like that…Also, there is no dual wield in the hack. Sir help mr to access all the weapons and dual wield.

    • The download button for the hack is green colored and is under the heading “Download Mini Militia Unlimited Everything” with a few details of the file.

    • Unlimited everything mod comes with invisible hack and if you want just the invisible mod you can get that in the Hacks and Mods section on this website.

  25. Sir I don’t want pro pack but please add unlimited health and life in it
    Everyone kills me through the idol or bombs

  26. Is it possible that when I go to online server with mod version but I connect to the normal server…
    Plz reply bro

  27. Lets be fair.

    I want pro pack in this version. Now you will ask its the only way developers gonna get revenue. But to be true there are so many hacks available and its easy to hack this game too that you encounter minimum 3 hackers every match even in the play store version.

  28. Hello admin, I am unable to install the app, it says App not installed in my YU Yureka Note 6000. What to do?
    Thanks in advance.

      • Yes admin it didn’t worked for first few attempts then I cleared cache and restarted my device. Tried to install the apk again…. Bingo! It worked. Yes it worked. But while joining multiplayer session it is asking me add pro pack time.. always isn’t there any other way to get that pro pack without watching adds?
        Everything else was awesome great work by you..

        Thanks & Regards:

        • You see Subhaash, we could add Pro Pack to the hack but that won’t be fair to the developers of the game. Part of their revenue is generated when people buy Pro Pack and it won’t be fair to them if we include it for free. We can send you the same hack with Pro Pack features if you think about buying the Pro Pack from Play store.

    • I just checked out the download link and its working fine. Please make sure your Internet connection is working fine.


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