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MiniMilitia.org provides all short of hacks, mods, tips and tricks

It all started when a bunch of friends were awake late in the night surfing the internet finding something to goof around. And then one of them found Doodle Army on the Play Store. He asked all of us to join him in the game, and none of us agreed. Later he convinced us somehow, to play with him.

mini militia avatar with transparent backgroundWe seriously hated the game after about five mins of play. I mean the controls were freaking hard and nothing much to do in the game. We never played Doodle Army again.

After about one week I asked the same friend to play the game with all of us, I don’t know how it came to my mind. He said he uninstalled the application the same day we all refused to play. Luckily all of us were interested, and we asked Ankit, his name, by the way, to install it again. He did install it, but it was Mini Militia and not Doodle Army which he said has the next version of Doodle Army.

avatar of Zoom in Mini Militia
Modified avatar with Zoom’s face by minimilitia.org

That day and this, the 7 of us play the game almost 2 hours daily, seriously addicted. No matter what place we are at; one would definitely create Hotspot and then the team, game on! Mini Militia is a stress buster. We just can’t live without playing it daily.

Some of us after a long spell of play even get delusions of guns lying on the ground 😀

We had our Mini Militia avatars names as:

  • Maverick
  • Terminator
  • Gabbar
  • Deadpool
  • Baby Doll
  • Gunny Bhai
  • XXX

How www.MiniMilitia.org got started

We all were almost equally good at playing Mini Militia. In the quest of becoming the best, we tried digging in some hacks and learning new tips and tricks.

And one day we thought of sharing our passion for the game on the internet and began working on www.minimilitia.org. We always try to come up with something new in the game share that with our audience. We organize Mini Militia tournaments around our city in colleges.

Mini Militia tournament in colleges
Mini Militia tournament in colleges

Mini Militia is just the best game out there in the two stores.

Do you love playing Mini Militia? Share your experience and memories at [email protected] and we will include them in our posts. So go ahead and type it down.

Follow MiniMilitia.org on Facebook and Google+ page for all latest tips and tricks. Comment for any sort of help with the game and do thanks to the developers of the game “Appsomniacs”.