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All About Mini Militia – One of the Best Multiplayer Game

Doodle Army 2 better known as Mini Militia is a multiplayer Action game developed by Appsomniacs which is rising through the charts on both iOS App Store and Play Store app markets.

Appsomnics are also the developers of the earlier version of Mini Militia like Doodle Army and Doodle Army Boot Camp. Mini Militia was a collaborative effort of a few friends at Appsomniacs who had the passion for developing a game that can be played by all age groups.

At the time of writing this post, Mini Militia is the 5th most trending free game and 35th in Top Grossing Game on play store’s “Top Chart.”
Check out these stats of this game.


Doodle Army 2: Mini Militia
Doodle army 2 aka mini militia game icon
Developer(s):Appsomnics LLC
Location:Pacific Northwest
Release Date:March 18, 2015 – iOS

April 5, 2011 – Android

Early version:Doodle Army Boot Camp
Doodle Army
Size:45.8 MB
Mode:Multiplayer offline and online
Licence Model:Free with optional in-app purchases.

Downloaded more than 5 million times within the month of its launch with an average 4.4 user rating by over 280,211 people. Even after 2 years of its launch, the downloads of Mini Militia are skyrocketing. Currently the game has over 50 Million downloads which make it stand in the elite list of phone games.

Would you believe it when I say, Mini Militia would beat Clash of clans, the most played iOS and Android game, in the months to come. Giving a tough fight to “Pokemon Go” in popularity for certain.

Mini Militia : Doodle Army 2
Mini Militia : Doodle Army 2

This is just about the best game on both the stores right now for all group of people to get together and play.

“Mini Militia” is truly a modern-day gaming opiate.

Game Art

The game “Mini militia” is a miniature version of the evergreen and ever loved game “Counter Strike”. There are little doodles in the game which the player has to navigate around using jetpacks, picking the best weapons according to the condition.

There are dual stick controls, one for jetpack and other for aiming and shooting. Shooting involves stretching the aim control pad a little more outward of the inner circle.

Using real-world military tactics like Guerrilla warfare, Defensive-offensive strategies or deception and shield formations. Pro players try to take down the opponent team in the game. Grenades and melee weapons come handy when the fights get a hand on hand.

Train with the Serge and sharpen your skills in offline Training and Survival modes.

Doodle army game
Doodle army android ios game works on all high-end devices

The single campaign may turn out to be boring and tedious whereas matches played over wifi hotspots is fun and addictive.

The best thing about the Mini Militia game is it’s seamless multiplayer. Just because the game does well with handling doodle army’s, it makes it so much fun to play. Players can join the Mini Militia game on local Wi-Fi set up on any one device, preferably the one with better hardware to get rid of the lag created with more players joining in the game Army 2. The Doodle Army 2 due to its animated graphics work will on lower-end devices with smooth framerate.

Despite the animated graphics of the game, the rounds feel like rounds of Counter-Strike.

The game comes with three modes Quick Play, Multiplayer where you can customize your battle zones and password protected groups.


The app Mini militia that is taking people out of their gossips onto the war field where they fight for glory. May not you die with a bullet but sure of the insanely moments that make you laugh. Those funny little moments when a team member kills his mates die of a landmine or picks a gun in between a chaos only to realize it had no ammo and gets into melee fights. 😀

Mini militia the king of all multiplayer games gets its player glued to their mobile phones for hours. The game is often wrongly pronounced as “Mini Malitia” and “Mini Militya”.

Who says mini militia is a waste of time? You develop strategic plans to
knock down the opponents. Positioning snipers at cliffs. The one with a shield and uzi leads the front while other backs him. No less than chess.
I say.

Once a friend of mine called me stupid for playing Mini militia game. Now he is the best player among us.

A Game played at work, in school, colleges home hostel name it and you will find a group of people creating servers and fighting over which map to choose and turning places into Battle Fields.

Doodle army 2 multiplayers
Mini Militia Battle Field in Class

Tournaments for mini militia are trending in universities and colleges, “Mini Militia Tournament Delhi Technical University”,”Mini militia tournament Gujarat” “Doodle army war at IIT Kanpur” are to name a few.

Playing Modes

Let’s get the guns loaded and men ready!
Here we will acquaint you with all the know-hows of the Mini Militia game, this is little Wikipedia of this game. Once you get through this part, you will get the answer to the question “How to play mini militia game?”

The first screen as soon the game launches prompt the player with the message “Touch 2 Start”. Once done, a doodle army activity is displayed with a bunch of option. The options may look strange to a newbie but are easier to work through. The options shown on the screen are Upgrade, Quick Play, Multiplayer, Solo Play, Settings and Login, News, Help in others.

The game has 3 Game Play modes which are as follows.

  • Solo Play
  • Quick Play
  • Multiplayer

Solo Play or training mode

When you opt for Solo Play you will be presented with two different modes that are “TRAINING” and “SURVIVAL”.
Before getting out on the front to face the enemies, it’s better to sweat off the field by “Training” yourself the basics of the Mini Militia game.


Here you will get training at Officer Candidate school by a doodle army coach named Sarge.
Sarge will teach you the basics of movements control and weapon usage with some targets. The interactive training session is well organized by the mini militia game developers.


Lock and load!
Once you are out of the cadet school, its time for some real battle tastes against the Mecha Doodle Army. You will have Sarge, the trainer with you. Use all short of weapons available to take down the robots. Be with Sarge it will get ugly!
Take a few survival sessions and start combating with other players online.

Training and survival in Doodle army 2 game with sarge
Training and survival in Doodle army 2 game with sarge

Quick Play Mode

The quick play mode needs that player is connected to the internet. Once selected, you will be connected to other people willing to join. Every person you see on the screen has to start the game for the game to begin.

You may also vote for the Map you want to use in the game play and form a team if interested. Once all set the battle will begin and last for 6 mins. You have to knock down as many players as you can without losing your lives to be on top and earn reputation in the game.

Multiplayer Mode

Mini Militia is a multiplayer game that can be played with friends over LAN wifi i.e., Hotspot.

Follow these steps to Easily connect and play.

  1. Create Wifi Hotspot in one of the devices and ask other players to connect to it.
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  3. Open Mini militia game app and choose multiplayer.
  4. Now Select Deathmatch and choose LAN WIFI.
  5. The player who creates hotspot needs to HOST the server.
  6. Select the preferred MAP (example outpost, High tower) No of players that can join and Time duration for the battle.
  7. Finally, wait for other players to join the game and get ready.
  8. Once all player join you have the option to create teams.
  9. The game will begin in 10 seconds.
Multiplayer gaming mode of Doodle army
Multiplayer gaming mode of Doodle army

Game controls

  • The game starts as the militia doodle is dropped to combat area with 2 weapons and 3 grenades. The primary weapon may change with every respawn of the doodle.
  • The game duration lasts for 6 mins and 30 seconds and can be changed.
  • You can pause the game anytime you like by tapping on the bars indicating rocket boost and live levels.
  • Weapons and Nitro can be toggled by clicking on the weapon symbol. Reload gun with ammo and refill Nitro by clicking on the “Ammo icon” on the upper left corner of the screen.
  • Zooming in and out of the screen depends on the primary weapon in your hand. Long range weapons like snipers can have up to 7x zoom.
  • The two bars in pink and blue colour indicate the health and rocket boots capacity respectively. Both these levels increase with time as the doodle heals itself.
  • Two circular areas with a moment or aiming control and jetpack flying are provided at both the lower corners of the screen. Pulling the aiming control further fires the gun.
  • Fist Icon just beside the aiming control is for melee fights when the encounter with an opponent is very close.
  • Players can throw Grenades by tapping on the icon next to the jetpack control circular icon. Keep an eye on the number of grenades. You can have up to 4 grenades at a time.

Weapons and Gun List

The various Guns available in Doodle Army are Rocket launcher, sniper rifle, laser, saw gun Desert Eagle, Uzi, MP5, shotgun magnum AK47, M4, M14, FlameThrower and various grenades like grad, gas, proximity.

Protective weapons like shield and health packs with God Mod are also available along with Super Jetpack cylinder.

Mini militia game weapons sniper saw cutter and flame thrower
Doodle Army 2 Weapons

Top 5 Best Weapon combinations

Of course, we have two guns one primary weapon and other for backup at the beginning of the “Doodle Army 2” game. And there are plenty of guns in the game.

Which guns should we carry a time?

Well, it’s tough to recommend or rank a weapon in general. But whatever the situation maybe some combination of weapons can turn the doodle army game on your side if used simultaneously.
Now let’s see which combination of weapons should you use on your next game.

  1. Best Non-pro pack combination – AK47 and Shotgun – You get 4x zoom with Ak47
    and that one shot killing power with Shotgun.
  2. Best Defensive CombinationShield and Uzi – But remember shield can’t protect your doodle with the bazooka and Flame Thrower. And it won’t keep you safe in the back. Make sure you point your aim towards the opponent while holding the shield. Fly straight. Try not to rotate yourself.
  3. Best long-Ranged combination – Sniper and rock launcher – I had a hard time with a rocket launcher. Always end up killing myself.
  4. Best Short Ranged combination – SMG and shotgun
  5. Best all around combination – Sniper and Shotgun

Download Links

Download the latest version of the mini militia game for Android and iOS from here.

Sorry to Windows Phone users you cannot install Doodle Army or any of its version. The Doodle Army game is not available for windows phone users.

Although the developers at Appsomnics LLC have recently said that soon they will release mini militia windows app for download to its huge user base.

Download link to Doodle army 2 or mini militia play storemini militia download

Avatars Customization

The Mini Militia game Army 2 has features that let you change the look and feel of your character. The limited free version of Doodle Army 2 lets you customize the avatar with only a few options in hand. If you have the pro version of Doodle Army game, the customization can be done from head to toe. You get options to change gloves, shoes, face curves, eyebrows etc.

Follow the steps below to create your own Avatar of the doodle army:

  1. Go to Settings of Doodle Army game.
  2. Click on Avatar option.
  3. Here you will see your current doodle with name and skill levels.
  4. You can change the name of your doodle army character.
  5. Choose from the existing list of avatars or click “CUSTOMIZE.”
  6. Design your character and save the progress.

Top 10 Fun moments hated by Mini Militia Players

We all love Mini militia. This game is a masterpiece from the developers for all mobile gamers. Whenever we are with friends or alone the best way to spend time is by playing Mini Militia.
But there are certain things that we kind of hate but are funny when faced.

  • Accidently Falling and dying in Proximity Mines – Ahhh! That moment when you Fall on the Mine, you set for the someone else.
  • Rushing to take a Gun only to realize it has no ammo.
  • Getting to play in Maps which someone else chooses.
  • That one player in your team who dies twice the time you kill your opponent.
  • When someone hiding in the bushes kills you – happened with almost all the players, when you rush into the bushes, and you find the someone is already there. 😀
  • When your newbie friend has the Flame Thrower or Rocket Launcher, and you have life only enough to survive a single bullet, and you keep on shouting stay away stay away. You die and he gets a bump on his head *ss *ole..
  • When you are too good at playing Mini militia and the opponent accuses you of using some trick.
  • When the opponent gets to pick all the guns and you have to work your way through the “dessi katta”
  • You and your opponent respawn in the same spot! Melee tussle 😀

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